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CSU prepares for Solar Eclipse

Marketing and Communication // 08.09.2017

Solar Eclipse

Charleston Southern University will postpone classes from 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Monday, August 21 in observance of the Total Solar Eclipse.

In preparation for the event, CSU faculty, staff and students are invited to attend a special pre-eclipse presentation in the Lightsey Chapel Auditorium at 1:30 p.m. During the Chapel presentation, Dr. Stephen, Mulware and Dr. Jamie Probin will offer a spiritual and scientific understanding about a total eclipse. Students attending the presentation will also receive Chapel credit.

“This presentation will allow us to appreciate God’s creation and His hand in this,” said Dr. Todd Ashby, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics.

The total eclipse will last two minutes (from 2:47 p.m. – 2:49 p.m.). At that time, temperatures will drop, the sky will darken, birds will stop singing and only the Sun’s corona will be visible. 

"It is hard to exaggerate the awe and amazement that a total solar eclipse can inspire,” said Probin. “Nothing else in nature comes close to the visual spectacle of the sun temporarily disappearing from the day. For many of us this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event; one we will never forget."

“A total solar eclipse is an extremely rare phenomenon,” added Blauch. “Through this unique scientific event, we are able to see more deeply the wonders of creation and the Creator.  On August 21, the heavens will clearly declare the glory of God; and the sky will show his handiwork.”

After the presentation, CSU will distribute 1,900 pairs of glasses (whiles supplies last) to all faculty, staff and students at which time everyone is invited to campus viewing areas located on between Whitfield Christian Leadership Center and Ashby Hall. In addition, math and science professors will offer viewing stations through filtered telescopes.

Experts believe this will be the most watched eclipse in history. The Great American Eclipse stretches across our entire continent. The next total solar eclipse visible in Charleston is scheduled to take place in March 2052.

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