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BUCALERT Emergency Notification Information

Safety is first priority at Charleston Southern University. Our student and parent BucAlert Emergency Information system alerts you to campus emergency information via text, phone and email.


The Charleston Southern University academic calendar lists important dates such as registration, class, holidays, exams, withdrawal deadlines and graduation information.

Check the CSU events calendar for upcoming performances and campus events.

Campus Activities

Numerous academic clubs, service clubs and organizations are available on campus to provide abundant opportunity for integrating socially into the CSU student community. An active Student Government Association empowers students to participate in a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions with administration to promote the general welfare and protect the rights of students. The Campus Activities Board is a student-run organization that plans events for students. Brewer Center facilities give students the chance to enjoy sports in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, meet fellow students and get physically fit. Intramural Sports available throughout the year emphasize group activities with good sportsmanship in a less competitive environment. A variety of Bible and book studies are offered for both residential and commuter students each semester to help your student grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. CSU students have free admission to all on-campus athletic events.

Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries focuses on exposing CSU students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping them to grow and flourish in their calling. The Campus Ministries Staff seeks to create a discipleship culture that raises a generation to live for His name. Our Mission is for Jesus Christ to be glorified by having lives transformed through teaching, discipleship, and immersion (life on mission).

Career Center

The Career Center provides professional development resources for our students and alumni. Students may receive career counseling online or in person. In our virtual career center, students may conduct a mock interview, conduct a job search for national and international job opportunities, apply for internships, and post resumes, cover letters, reference pages, and graduate school essays for critique.

Counseling Services

Charleston Southern University's Counseling Services offers professional mental health services in the form of personal counseling from a perspective which integrates Christian theology and psychology.

Dining - commuters

Your commuter student can enjoy all of the services, programming, student organizations and facilities that are available to resident students. Full-time commuters receive $75 in Declining Commuter Dollars for use at CSU food establishments.

Dining - residents

Students with the standard meal plan receive $85 in Declining Dining Dollars that can be used at any of the CSU food establishments. Students can opt for a 15 meal plan and receive $135 in Declining Dining Dollars.

Financial Aid

CSU understands that funding a college education is a major investment, and we strive to offer students a quality education at the lowest possible cost. Financial aid is available for students attending college through grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. Making a student’s college education affordable and reachable is the mission of the Financial Aid Office at CSU.

Health Services

CSU is blessed to be centrally located within walking distance of multiple medical and urgent-care facilities. If needed, any student may contact the Dean of Students Office to procure transportation to a local healthcare facility.

ID Card

Your student should always have his or her CSU Student ID Card handy while on campus. A CSU ID Card is required to gain access to all services on campus. Your student’s meal plan balance and accrued Chapel credits are tracked using the CSU ID Card.

Residence Life

The university recognizes that a significant part of a student’s academic and social integration experiences occur outside the classroom and that the residence hall environment is a key engagement tool in this process. Residence Life staff are available to assist students with roommate problems or room changes, and with any kind of physical difficulty with the livability of a room.

If your student is living in a residence hall, his or her mail will be delivered to the CSU Post Office located on the first floor of the Strom Thurmond Center. All students living on-campus are required to have a CSU mailbox number. This is how your student’s address should appear on any mail you send for it to be received in a timely fashion:

Student Name
CSU Box #
P.O. Box 118087
Charleston, SC 29423-8087 


While CSU Campus Security officers are not commissioned police officers under South Carolina statutes, the university has an excellent working relationship with North Charleston law enforcement agencies and first responders. In fact, the North Charleston Police Department has a sub-station located on our campus, in the Brewer Center. Campus Security personnel are trained in first aid, CPR, victim concerns, crisis intervention, defensive tactics, alcohol and drug identification and patrol and security procedures.

Tip: Students have access to 27 emergency call boxes in various locations to provide immediate interaction and assistance. Additionally there are 54 courtesy phones throughout the residence halls to contact Campus Security.

Student Handbook

The student handbook outlines the responsibilities and rights of all CSU students. Students are required to sign a disclosure notification verifying that they have read and understand the contents of the document.

Technology Services

The university offers free wireless internet access to all buildings on campus. Please confirm your student’s computer is installed with a current anti-virus program. Information Technology staff will ensure that your student has a correctly installed and configured wireless device; however, all other computer equipment setup is the responsibility of the student. Tip: Purchasing replacement insurance for all technology your student brings to campus is a wise financial decision.




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