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Behavorial Sciences


Please complete the online application below to apply for an internship. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please contact Dr. Jeffery Gray at 843-863-7326  with questions regarding the application.

Behavioral Sciences Internship Qualifications

Applicants must:

  1. Psychology or Sociology major
  2. Meet the overall GPA requirement of 2.75/4.00.
  3. Meet the GPA requirement in their major of 2.75/4.00.
  4. Have Junior or Senior Standing (61 or more hours) the semester the internship begins.  
  5. Have earned nine hours (including 6 hours of 300 or 400 level courses) in the major in addition to Psyc 110 or Soci 101.
  6. Have the ability to dedicate 112 hours (which includes any training necessary to work at the site) to an internship site in addition to weekly meetings with their faculty supervisor and a presentation on their site (and experiences) to the Psychology club at the end of the semester.
  7. Transfer students must complete one semester at CSU prior to applying for the internship.
  8. Evidence of good communication and organizational skills.
  9. No prior history of disciplinary issues.
  10. Be willing to go through a background check if one is required by the internship site.

Please email a copy of your resume to Dr. Jeffery Gray.




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