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Psi Chi


As a psychology major there are various career paths that you can choose.  There are several questions you can ask yourself.  In what setting do you want to work?  What population do you want to work with?  What is your dream job?  Do you need a graduate degree? 

As an undergraduate you have many opportunities to discover your answers to these questions such as coursework, internship experiences, guest speakers, or seeking advice from faculty.  You should take advantage of all the resources you have available while you are an undergraduate to help you determine what your next step will be.

If you decide that your career does not require a graduate degree and you are seeking employment after graduation what can you be doing now to prepare? The key is to realize that many of our graduates are employed in a variety of settings with their undergraduate degree.  Several of our graduates are employed with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, mental health facilities or as sales representatives, organizational managers or communication directors.   Students who have volunteered or participated in an internship experience have made connections with an organization that have led to future employment. 

If you decide that you need an advanced degree to pursue your career goals you need to determine if you need a master's degree or a PhD. We offer several meetings during each semester that explore these different options.  It is important to research positions and graduate programs to aid in your decision.  

If graduate school is the path that you will pursue, what can you do as an undergraduate to prepare? We offer a directed research credit where you work one-on-one with a faculty member engaged in research.  These collaborations may also lead to conference presentations or publications.  The internship program is another important way to gain experience that will contribute to your graduate applications.  We also provide a presentation on the GRE to help you create a plan for preparation for this exam.   


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