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Policy A-1

Number: A-1
Date of Inception: November 26, 1984

Purpose: To provide and clarify current types of acceptance and admissions standards used in the admissions process by the Office of Enrollment Services.

Types of Acceptance:

1. Regular: A student who has met all admission requirements and is pursuing a degree (or teacher certification only).  Regular acceptance also includes students who are assigned the academic standing of Probation 1 or Probation 2.

2. Bridge Program: A student determined to have potential difficulty with a regular freshman course load may be admitted and given a course load which must include a Bridge Program curriculum.  Students who are accepted into this program must pass all of their FSP courses during the first thirty (30) hours attempted in order to continue their studies at Charleston Southern University.   Exceptions made due to class availability will be determined by the Director of Academic Advising and/or the Director of the Bridge Program.  Students admitted in Bridge that includes Bridge mathematics will be registered in Math 099 “Beginning Algebra” during one of their first two semesters of attendance.  However, these students may choose to complete the Bridge mathematics requirement prior to initial enrollment at CSU by either of the following:

Completing a foundation mathematics course (or courses) that are preapproved by the CSU Mathematics Department chairperson (or his/her designee) at any regionally accredited two-year or four-year institution.

(b.) Completing the prerequisite syllabus for Math 111 at any Sylvan Learning Center.  Contact the CSU Director of Academic Advising for details.

3. Provisional: 

(a.) A student seeking a degree from Charleston Southern University who has not submitted all the required material for regular admission.  Such a student may be accepted on the provision that he or she submit the required material as determined by the Enrollment Services Office prior to preregistration   for   the   next   term.   Enrollment may only include one Fall or Spring semester and may not exceed 15 credit hours during this period.  Graduate students should refer to the appropriate section of the most current Graduate Catalog for credit hour limitations under Provisional Status.

(b.) Students over twenty-one years of age may be admitted under this classification if they do not have SAT/ACT scores and do not qualify as a transfer student.  Such students are not required to take the SAT or ACT but must submit evidence of academic potential.   Any provisionally admitted student over twenty-one years of age who does not receive transfer credit for a mathematics course toward the fulfillment of the LAC (Liberal Arts Core) requirement in mathematics, or credit for a course equivalent to MATH 099, and does not have a current SAT and/or ACT score (less than five years old), has two options:

Option 1:  Take the mathematics placement exam ONCE, prior to completion of their first major semester and prior to registering for any mathematics course.  This exam will be used to determine whether a student is allowed to register for a credit-bearing mathematics course, or if they must first complete MATH 099, Beginning Algebra (non-credit course).*

Option 2:  Elect to skip the mathematics placement exam, at which point this student must successfully complete MATH 099, Beginning Algebra, before registering for a credit-bearing mathematics course.* 

* Regardless of which option (above) is chosen, all students placed into Bridge Mathematics 099 will be required to register for thepass MATH 099 during their first two major semesters (fall and spring). In addition, students admitted under this status must also pass English 111 during their first two major semesters (fall and spring) at CSU or have acceptable equivalent transfer credit prior to attending CSU. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to continue at CSU, and must complete the transferable equivalent of (1) Mathematics 099 or higher acceptable course, and/or (2) English 099 at another institution before being readmitted at CSU. course no later than their first major semester following the placement exam (or during their first major semester if Option 2 is selected).  No student is allowed more than two attempts to pass MATH 099.

Once a student provides evidence of mathematics proficiency at the Math 099 level or higher, he or she may then satisfy the liberal arts core requirements in mathematics by successfully completing Math 105or higher level course(s), depending on one’s major and/or minor requirements.  Regular admission of these students will be based on "satisfactory academic progress" at the end of 15 credit hours attempted at Charleston Southern University. Failure to meet the "satisfactory academic progress" criteria will result in the student not being allowed to continue at CSU, and must complete the transferable equivalent of  (1) Mathematics 099 or higher acceptable course, and/or (2) ENGL 099  at another institution before taking additional courses at the University as a degree-seeking student.  Students who make satisfactory academic progress but do not demonstrate math proficiency at the Math 099 level or higher may not exceed 15 hours at CSU. 

4. Special - Students not seeking a degree at Charleston Southern University.    This category  includes  high  school  students enrolled in honor's programs, consortium students,   transient   students seeking educational certification or recertification, and others taking personal interest courses.  Undergraduate students may take up to 15 hours  under  this  classification  before being required to apply for acceptance as regular or degree-seeking (or teacher certification only) student.    Students accepted under Special Status are not eligible to receive financial aid at Charleston Southern University. 

Note: Graduate students should refer to the appropriate section of the current Graduate Catalog for credit hour limitations under Provisional and Special Status.

Test Scores:
Current minimum SAT scores required for the Regular acceptance of new freshmen are as follows: Verbal Evidence-based Reading and Writing = 480     530, Math = 440  490. Note: These scores are based on the redesigned SAT. A minimum ACT composite score of 19 is also acceptable.  Sub scores are also considered in the acceptance decision process.

Current minimum SAT scores required for the Bridge acceptance of new freshmen are as follows: Evidence-based Reading and Writing = 450, Math = 440. Note: These scores are based on the redesigned SAT.

Current minimum ACT scores required for the Bridge acceptance of new freshmen are as follows: English = 17, Math = 17, Reading = 15, Science = 15, Writing = 15, and Composite = 15.

In addition to standardized test scores, a student's high school and/or college records, CSU placement tests and other information may be used in the admissions process.  Refer to the other Admissions policies in this manual and the current Undergraduate Catalog for more details.  Procedures for transfer students, international students and students seeking readmission are also found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Acceptance of Transfer Students:   See policy A-2 in this manual.

Bridge Admissions Parameters: See policy A-4 in this manual.

Students Admitted on Academic Probation:  See policy A-5 in this manual.

Appeals Process: See policy A-6 in this manual.

Dates of policy revision approval: 11/26/84; 4/7/86; 11/4/94 by action of the Admissions Committee and the President’s Cabinet. Editorial revisions approved by the Provost on: 8/14/97; 8/7/00; 4/24/03: Under “3. Provisional” part “(b.)” to reflect the new mathematics placement policy approved on this date. Editorial revisions approved by the VPAA on 11/29/10. Editorial revisions by the Director of Admissions 1/2014. Revised by the Executive Director of Enrollment Services September 22, 2016.


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