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Academic Policies

Policy A-5

Number: A-5
Date of Inception: January 24, 1995

Purpose: To establish a procedure for admitting students on academic probation.

It is the policy of Charleston Southern University to admit students who desire to transfer from a regionally accredited institution and who are eligible to return to the last institution attended.  In some cases, however, students are eligible to return but are not demonstrating satisfactory progress at the time they left the previous institution.  Therefore, for those students, Charleston Southern University will admit them on academic probation 1 or probation 2; depending upon what the previous institution had determined to be their status at the time they left the institution. All students admitted to Charleston Southern University on probation 2 must be registered for classes on the first day classes begin.

If a student had been academically suspended from the previous institution, he/she will be ineligible to be admitted to Charleston Southern University until after he/she has met the six-month requirement of Charleston Southern University. After the student has satisfied the suspension requirement, the student will be admitted on academic probation 2 and will be given one major semester to demonstrate satisfactory progress, as defined by Charleston Southern University, or face permanent academic expulsion.

Students who have been permanently expelled from the previous institution will not be eligible for admission to Charleston Southern University.

For Charleston Southern University students of record who have sat out for more than two major semesters and reapply for admission to Charleston Southern University, the same rules will be in effect. 

Approved by the Provost on January 24, 1995. Updated by the Admissions Committee September 2015.


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