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Academic Policies

Policy R-1

Number: R-1
Date of Inception: March 5, 1984

Purpose: To provide for the change of a student's grade.

1. Grade Change Information/Forms. An Instructor desiring to change a grade should complete a "Change of Grade Request," (RO-109) or use the online form under their MyCSU account. Change of Grade Requests will be available through the Departmental Chairman's secretary, as well as, the Registrar's Office.

2. Limitations.

a. Incomplete Grade. An Incomplete Grade ("I") must be removed by the midpoint of the next major term (Fall or Spring). Incompletes received during Maymester or Summer Sessions will be changed during the subsequent Fall semester. A grade of "F" will be assigned for an "I" not removed by the appropriate midterm date.

b. Request for Change of Grades, other than Incompletes, must be received by the Registrar's Office within six months of the date on which the original grade was assigned. After six months, a "Change of Grade Request" must carry the signature of the Department Chair.

c. After one year, a Change of Grade Request must carry the signature of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The only condition for which a grade may be changed after one (1) year is clerical error in recording grade or miscalculation on the part of professor.

3. Instructor. Upon completing information pertaining to the student, course and reason for the grade change, the instructor will sign and forward the Change of Grade Request to the Registrar's Office.

4. Registrar. Upon receiving a "Change of Grade Request," the form will be checked for completeness and prepared for the Registrar's signature. The change is considered to be official only after the form has been signed by the Registrar.

5. Distribution. After the Change of Grade Request has been signed by the Registrar, copies will be distributed as follows:

 Student file
Mailed to student

 By action of the Academic Council on March 28, 1984, and revised by the Registrar on October 12, 2010.


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