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Academic Policies

Policy R-13

Number: R-13
Date of Inception: May 25, 1984

Purpose:  To academically define full-time versus part-time student status and to provide for maximum number of hours allowable in each academic term.

Fall and Spring Semesters
By academic definition, a full-time undergraduate student is one who is enrolled for twelve (12) or more credit hours during a Fall or Spring semester, and a full-time graduate student is one who is enrolled for six (6) or more graduate credit hours.

An undergraduate student's normal load is fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) credit hours. Students in the Bridge Program may enroll in a maximum of seventeen (17) credit hours in any given semester. For undergraduate students, permission must be obtained to enroll in 19 - 21 hours from the Academic Dean of the student's major. The maximum undergraduate course load allowed in any semester is twenty-one (21) hours.  Any exception to this must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

The normal load for graduate students is six (6) to nine (9) graduate credit hours. Graduate students enrolling in more than nine (9) hours per semester must obtain the permission of the graduate director of their program.              

Extended Maymester

Since Extended Maymester runs concurrently with the existing Maymester, Summer I, and Summer II terms, students could register for various combinations of courses among the six terms.  Therefore, the following guidelines will apply.

a)     A student cannot take more than three courses concurrently without permission of the Program Director, Department Chair or Dean.  

b)     A student cannot take more than five courses total during the six terms.               


                The maximum course load allowed during "Maymester" (session held during the month of May) is four (4) credit hours for undergraduate or graduate students.   No exceptions.

Summer Sessions

 The normal academic load for each Summer session is two courses or six semester hours.  The maximum course load allowed in each Summer term is seven (7) credit hours at one time. No exceptions.

By action of the Academic Council and the President's Cabinet on July 21, 1984, revised on February 4, 2002 by the approval of the Provost, revised on January 24, 2006 by action of the Faculty Senate and revised on September 28, 2010 and revised by the Bridge Program Director January 2014. Revised by the VPAA July, 2017.


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