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Academic Policies

Policy R-14

Number: R-14
Date of Inception: November 21, 1985


Purpose:  To establish a systematic approach to the issuance of student transcripts.  

1.             Authority - The authority to issue, as well as certify, the authenticity of student transcripts rests solely with the University Registrar.  

2.             Definitions – 

                A.            “Official transcript” - includes a student's academic history with degree(s) earned printed on security paper with the Registrar's signature and University Seal.  

                B.            "Unofficial transcript” - includes a student's academic history with degree(s) earned printed on plain white paper.   Unofficial copies will not carry the Registrar's signature or University Seal. 

Unofficial transcripts may be used by authorized campus personnel without the student’s consent for advising purposes or other reasons related to performing job responsibilities.   

3.             Requests - A student may request the issuance of a transcript by submitting a signed request form,   letter or fax containing information pertinent to the request or use the online request form through the University’s secure network.  At the discretion of the University Registrar, proper identification may be required prior to processing a request.  

4.             Processing Fee –     The fee for each transcript request is $10.00.  In the event a student requests that a transcript be (1) generated for mailing and (2) generated for faxing, it is considered to be two requests.  Faxed requests require the generation of a transcript on special “Fax-Safe” paper and are subject to a separate $10.00 processing fee.   

                FEE WAIVERS: Fees are not charged for (1) official transcripts used for initial teacher certification packets processed by the College of Education, (2) Career Services unofficial transcripts copied for potential employers, (3) official transcripts sent to Enrollment Services for attending graduate programs offered at CSU, (4) unofficial copies requested by current students in person, or (5) official transcripts required by foreign agencies to verify academic progress for international students to receive tuition aid from their home countries. Other special case waivers must be approved by the University Registrar.  

5.             Restriction of Issuance -  

                A.            Official Transcripts - Official transcripts may be issued to an external third party who has been designated by the student in his/her respective request.  Official transcripts may be issued to a student; however, the transcript will be provided in a sealed envelope.  The envelope will be stamped with “Unofficial if not received in SEALED envelope.”  

                B.            Unofficial Transcripts – Current students may request unofficial transcripts for advising and schedule planning purposes free of charge.  Former students may also request an unofficial transcript if desired, but the processing fee will apply. Only official transcripts will be provided/sent to authorized third parties.   

6.             Financial obligations and/or other “Holds” on student records - An official transcript cannot be processed and released for a student with a “hold” on their records from any CSU office.  Students will receive written notification of any hold on their records and all fees submitted will be applied to their balance.   Once all holds are removed, students must resubmit request(s), as well as payment(s), previously denied due to the hold(s). However, in keeping with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Regulation 99.10 (d), an unofficial transcript can be issued to the student for review and inspection if requested. If the student resides 50 miles or more outside the Charleston area, one unofficial copy will be mailed to the student. The processing fee will be required.  For all other students, a review and inspection of one’s records can be arranged by appointment with the University Registrar.  The issuance of a transcript and payment of a processing fee are not required for review sessions.   

7.             Transcripts in student files from other institutions - Transcripts received from other institutions become the property of Charleston Southern University and will not be released or copied for third parties.  Any exception to this must be approved by the University Registrar, with the student's written consent.  

Revised by the Registrar August, 2000; February 2011 and June 2017.     


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