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Academic Policies

Policy R-15

Number: R-15
Date of Inception: January 24, 1995

Purpose: To establish a procedure for those students who have completed three years of academic work at Charleston Southern University and have been admitted to a professional school or college such as dentistry, medicine, or law, when the professional school does not require that the students have completed all requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

In the case where the student has completed at least three years of work towards a baccalaureate degree at Charleston Southern University and is admitted as a regular degree-seeking student at a professional school, the University, in cooperation with the professional school, will permit credits earned during the first year of residence at the professional school to apply towards the satisfaction of the fourth year of course requirements at Charleston Southern University under the following conditions:

  1. That the student has satisfied all core requirements for the degree at Charleston Southern University,
  2. That the student has satisfied all major and minor residency requirements at the University,
  3. That the student has been regularly admitted as a degree-seeking student at the professional school,
  4. That the student declares his/her intent prior to leaving Charleston Southern University,
  5. That the student demonstrates satisfactory progress as defined by Charleston Southern University on all courses completed at Charleston Southern University, and that he/she demonstrate satisfactory progress as defined by the professional school, and that the courses being accepted from the professional school receive prior approval from the appropriate Charleston Southern University department head.
  6. This process must be instituted by the student or the professional school, acting on behalf of the student.
  7. Since, obviously, this student will not satisfy the current overall residency policy of thirty-six (36) of the last forty-six (46) hours, this provides an exception for policy R-23. This exception applies only to students in this category. 

By action of the Provost on January 24, 1995. 


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