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Academic Policies

Policy R-16

Number: R-16
Date of Inception: March 16, 1987

Purpose: To establish and update CSU policy for Challenge Examinations.

The University has a program by which a current student might be permitted to challenge a course listed in the current catalog and earn credit for that course unless the course description indicates otherwise. A Challenge Exam is a special final exam developed and given by the appropriate department*. In some cases the student is also required to complete papers and/or participate in a presentation or other learning activities.

Regulations for CSU departmental "Challenge Exams":

  1. Only Charleston Southern University students of record may receive credit for Challenge Exams. Visiting, transient or other nondegree students may not take CSU Challenge Exams.
  2. A student may take Challenge Exams during any term with the exception of the term in which the student graduates.
  3. No student may take a Challenge Exam for a subject that has already been attempted and a grade has been received from CSU (i.e., All grades including grades of F, FA, I, WP, W, WF, and AU).
  4. A Challenge Exam must be administered by midterm of any term that the student registered.
  5. Approval for a Challenge Exam must occur during preregistration or drop/add periods for the term the course is to be challenged.
  6. Challenge Exams are recorded as a letter grade with grade points and will be calculated in the GPA. This includes any letter grade earned, A through F. Credit received through Challenge Exams may be used to meet residency requirements. The credit will also count as an attempt, and the standards for repeating a course will apply (see policy R-48).
  7. Students taking a Challenge Exam will be charged a $35.00 fee** for each exam taken. This fee is paid to the professor for processing and administering the exam. This fee is subject to change without notice. (** Note:  Students in the Honors Program are exempt from this fee.)

* NOTE:  When a special standardized exam is administered by a CSU department as the final exam for a subject, the same exam may be used as a Challenge Exam. Example:  The Chemistry department uses exams developed by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

By action of the Curriculum Committee, March 16 1987, and revisions approved by the Curriculum Committee on November 19, 1993,  November 14, 2000, and November 13, 2012.


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