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Academic Policies

Policy R-16a

Number: R-16a
Date of Inception: March 16, 1987

Purpose: To establish and update CSU policy regarding the awarding of credit for standardized subject examinations ("Non-CSU" examinations such as CLEP, DANTES, Regents, etc.).

Regulations for Standardized Subject Exams:

  1. Only Charleston Southern University students of record may receive credit for standardized subject exams. Visiting, transient or other nondegree students are not awarded outside credit of any type.
  2. A student may request permission to take standardized subject exams at established testing centers during any term with the exception of the term in which the student graduates.
  3. Exams must be recognized by the American Council on Education for college credit, and an approval form with the signatures of the department chairperson and the registrar is required prior to taking subject examinations. This will insure that the credit will be applicable and acceptable at CSU and will indicate how it will apply to the student's current degree plan.
  4. No student may take a standardized subject exam for a subject that has already been attempted and a grade has been received from CSU (i.e., All grades including grades of "F," "FA," "I," "WP," "W," "WF," and "AU.").
  5. A student may not earn nontraditional credit (such as the CLEP) for earlier classes in a sequence when credits have already been earned in later courses; however, chairs may authorize the nontraditional credit in certain circumstances.
  6. Credit awarded for approved standardized subject exams will not include grade points, will not affect the Grade Point Average (GPA) and may not be used to meet residency requirements. A minimum score, which must be equivalent to a grade of "C" or higher, is required to receive credit for any approved standardized exam. The minimum score will be indicated on the approval form.
  7. New and current degree-seeking undergraduate students at CSU may receive a maximum of 30 credit hours for any type of approved subject exams (see Policy R-5 for restrictions).

By action of the Curriculum Committee, March 16 1987, (under "Rules and Regulations for Challenge Examinations" - R-16) and revisions approved by the Curriculum Committee on November 19, 1993, November 14, 2000, and February 12, 2013.


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