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Academic Policies

Policy R-23

Number: R-23
Date of Inception: August 28, 1985

Purpose:    To provide for the conferring of degrees to students who meet graduation requirements as outlined in the catalog under which they are to graduate.

Application for Graduation - A student should declare intentions to graduate by completing an Application for Graduation by the date indicated on the academic calendar.

Major/Minor Requirements - A student desiring to graduate must have selected a major.  Additionally, students majoring in disciplines which require a minor must also fulfill the requirements for a minor.  Students selecting a double major are not required to select a minor.

Bachelor's Degree - A student will be eligible for graduation upon successful completion of 125 credit hours, including all Liberal Arts Core (LAC), major and minor requirements, with a 2.00 overall GPA and a 2.00 GPA in his/her major and minor.  To be eligible for graduation with honors, at least 60 hours of the course work to be applied to the degree must have been earned at Charleston Southern University.  For the purpose of calculating GPA for graduation with honors, only course work taken at Charleston Southern University will be included in that calculation.

Master’s Degree - To be eligible for graduation in the Master's Degree Program, a student must complete professional core and specialization area requirements with a 3.00 GPA (see Graduate Catalog for specific degree requirements).


Only courses in which credit has been earned while attending Charleston Southern University may be counted toward satisfying residency requirements.               

Baccalaureate Degree

At least twelve (12) credit hours of upper level (300/400) courses must be earned in the major must be earned at Charleston Southern University.

Exception:  At least fifteen (15) credit hours of upper level (300/400) courses must be in a cognate for a Bachelor of Technology degree.

At least six (6) credit hours of upper level (300/400) courses in the minor must be earned at Charleston Southern University if a minor is required.

Thirty six (36) of the last forty-six (46) credit hours (including twelve (12) upper level credit hours mentioned above) must be earned at Charleston Southern University. 

Exception: Charleston Southern University waives the 36 of the last 46 residency hours policy for all online, dual degree programs, study abroad programs, and programs completed through contracted articulation or agreements, as long as students in such programs earn at least 36 CSU hours.

Master’s Degree – See the Academic Catalog for residency requirements and transfer credit limitations.

Graduation Substitution/Waiver - Requests for course substitutions and waivers of graduation requirements should be prepared in accordance with Policy R-6, Graduation Substitution/Waiver.

Catalog Requirements Under Which A Student Will Graduate - To graduate, a student will be required to fulfill all graduation requirements as listed in the appropriate catalog.  A student’s catalog of record is the catalog in effect when initial matriculation occurs.  Students who are later accepted into the Teacher Education Program or the Nursing Program are subject to the catalog in effect at that time. Students who are readmitted to the University after an absence of two or more consecutive semesters are subject to the catalog in effect during the term of matriculation after readmission.  Students may request to change to the most current catalog subject to the review and approval of the University Registrar.  

Exception To The Catalog Rule  - A student who has eighteen (18) or less hours remaining to meet undergraduate graduation requirements (including residency) may be allowed to remain in an older catalog when readmitted to the University.  This may not apply to professional degree tracks such as Nursing, Education or other certification or professional programs, depending on current requirements.

By action of the Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Council  on August 28, 1985 and revisions approved by the Provost on February 10, 1993, October 21, 1994, and June 12, 1997 and revisions approved by the Grad Council, curriculum Committee and VPAA on March 2010.  Editorial corrections were made on August 4, 2003 by the Registrar, including updating the section “Catalog Requirements under Which A Student Will Graduate” to reflect current policy and practices. Revised November 14, 2017 by the Curriculum Committee. Revised November 16, 2017 by the Graduate Council.


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