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Academic Policies

Policy R-29

Number: R-29
Date of Inception: October 19, 1985

Purpose: To establish a process for students to request their CSU undergraduate transcripts to be bankrupt when being readmitted to the University after a period of time.

1. At least five calendar years must have passed since the student last attended CSU, and the student's academic record must show at least 24 credit hours attempted in residence.

2. The student must apply for readmission and will be subject to current guidelines regarding transfer credit.

Along with the Application for Admission, the student must submit a letter requesting academic transcript bankruptcy. The letter should describe the student's current academic goals and plans to achieve academic success.

This letter will be forwarded to the Registrar for review during the readmission process.

3. The University Registrar will submit recommendations to the Director of Admissions regarding acceptance and conditions of enrollment which will include mathematics and English placement. After the student is readmitted through Enrollment Services, the Registrar will notify the student about the conditions of transcript bankruptcy as described in this policy. 

4. All previous CSU credit will be disregarded with respect to any degree requirements. The prior academic record, including terms, course titles, grades and credit hours attempted will remain a part of the student's transcript. However, the prior academic record will not include credit hours earned or grade points. The transcript will indicate "Transcript Bankruptcy Approved on (date)" under the last term included under the bankruptcy. The student will be subject to the current Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) scale as it applies to total credit hours attempted and the minimum GPA required to be in good academic standing for all new credit attempted. For example, if the number of bankrupt hours attempted is 62 and the student is now registered for 6 new hours, the total attempted hours will be 68, and the student is subject to earning a minimum GPA of 1.8 to be in good standing. If a student's bankrupt hours attempted total 91 or more, a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be maintained beginning with the first new term attended to be in good standing. Students should contact CSU Enrollment Services Counselors regarding limitations on the maximum number of attempted undergraduate hours permitted for financial aid.

5. The student will be subject to all current policies and procedures, and to the current undergraduate catalog when matriculation occurs. 

6. The student may not elect to reverse the decision to declare transcript bankruptcy once it has been approved, and the student has enrolled. 

7. Any student that has been granted transcript bankruptcy will not be eligible for any academic honors at CSU.

By action of the Faculty Senate on October 19, 1995, and September 23, 2003.


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