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Academic Policies

Policy R-3

Number: R-3
Date of Inception: April 23, 1984; Updated Policy effective May 1, 2017

Purpose: To provide for the awarding of withdrawal grades for students who officially withdraw.

Withdrawal During Drop/Add Period: A student who officially withdraws from a course during the scheduled drop/add period will be removed from the course with no grade to be recorded in the student's record. To withdraw officially, a student may drop courses online under the Academic tab on MyCSU. If a student  is unable to drop courses online, he or she must complete a  Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form and acquire the signature of his/her advisor. Professors' signatures are not required during the scheduled drop/add period. The student must submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office to complete the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal After the Drop/Add Period: A student who officially withdraws from a course after the scheduled drop/add period and before the withdrawal deadline (two weeks after midterm), will receive a grade of "W." In order to withdraw officially, a student must complete a Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form and acquire signatures from the advisor and the appropriate professor(s). The completed form must be submitted by the student to the Registrar's Office no later than the last day to receive a grade of “W” which is published in the Academic Calendar.

Late Withdrawals from Courses: Students who are facing significant extenuating circumstances and who have missed the withdrawal deadline may submit a Petition for Withdrawal after the Official Withdrawal Deadline to be considered for late withdrawal from courses to the Dean of their major or the Director of their Graduate Studies program. Such petitions must be submitted prior to the last week of classes for the course(s) for which the petition is requested.  Petitions for Withdrawal after the Official Withdraw Deadline are considered only in cases where continued enrollment in the course would be detrimental to the student's health or if extenuating circumstances prevent the student's continued enrollment. Regardless of circumstances, late withdrawal petitions are not guaranteed to be approved.

Late withdrawal petitions are not guaranteed to be approved, but petitions documenting one or more of the following conditions/situations may be considered.

  • Severe accident, injury, illness, or surgery with prolonged recovery
  • Documented severe medical condition(s) resulting in extended missed coursework
  • Complications of pregnancy requiring mandatory extended bed rest
  • Severe illness or death of a parent, sibling, spouse, or child
  • Documented medical, legal, or other complications from sexual or other violent assault
  • Documented employment conflict arising after the "W" deadline (i.e., job promotion or increase in travel)

Petitions citing the following situations will NOT be considered.

  • Actual failing, fear of failing, or fear of receiving a grade less than one would desire (e.g., F, FA)
  • Professor’s refusal to issue an “incomplete”
  • Initially enrolling for greater than 12 semester hours while  employed full time or attempting to work two full-time jobs
  • Failure to withdraw properly within the withdrawal period
  • A decision to change a major, drop a major or minor, or transfer to another institution, thus eliminating the need for a course
  • Inability to pay tuition

The Dean's decision on a late withdrawal is final.

Click here to print out the appropriate form: WITHDRAWAL FORM

Financial Obligation - Withdrawn Class: After the last date to receive a refund as listed on the Academic Calendar has passed, regardless of the date of withdrawal, a student will be obligated to pay appropriate tuition and fees for any course that a withdrawal grade (AW or W) or Failure for Absences (FA) grade is assigned

By action of the Faculty Senate and President's Cabinet on August 9, 1984. Revised March 2016.


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