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Academic Policies

Policy R-39 

Number: R-39
Date of Inception: March 29, 1994

Purpose: To provide a procedure for curriculum changes for the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Curriculum changes are usually based on the evidence of assessment. The process begins with the department faculty evaluating assessment results and proposing a change. The department head, in consultation with the appropriate academic dean, prepares a proposal to present to the Curriculum Committee. The Registrar and Committee Chair review the proposal and make sure all questions relevant to the Curriculum Committee are answered prior to presenting the proposal to the full Curriculum Committee. Additionally, they insure that agenda items are correctly identified in terms of level and action requested (see Charleston Southern University Curricular Process). If the requested change(s) is passed by the Curriculum Committee, it then becomes policy. These changes are reported to the general faculty. A definition of various kinds of curriculum changes and the method for enacting those changes are detailed in the Charleston Southern University Curricular Process.


The graduate curriculum change process typically begins with a proposal from the graduate faculty of the department, usually based upon evaluation of assessment results. The director of the graduate program, in consultation with the appropriate department chairperson and academic dean, then prepares the proposal for submission to the Graduate Council. The Registrar and Chair of the Graduate Council review the proposal, inform the Vice President of Academic Affairs of the proposed change, and make sure that all questions relevant to the Graduate Council are answered prior to presentation to the full Graduate Council. If the requested change(s) is passed by the Graduate Council, it then becomes policy. These changes are reported to the general faculty.


As described in Policies R-40 (Procedure for the Addition or Removal of Majors, Emphases, Or Minors to Undergraduate Curriculum) and R-41 (Procedure for Removal of Programs from the Graduate Curriculum), the department (with the help of the appropriate dean, the Curriculum Committee, and VPAA, through either the President or SACSCOC liaison) will submit all required documentation and data to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges in accord with the SACS-COC Substantive Change Policy.

By action of the Curriculum Committee & Graduate Council on March 29, 1994. Revised November 19, 2010. Approved by action of the Academic Council on October 6, 1998. Revised August 17, 2000, September 2010, and October 2014 by the Registrar.


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