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Academic Policies

Policy R-4

Number: R-4

Purpose: To establish and maintain criteria for satisfactory academic progress, academic probation, suspension and expulsion.

A student will be placed in a probationary status after any major term (Fall, Spring) that his/her GPA does not meet the following Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) scale:

Hours Attempted *                 Cumulative Minimum GPA:
1 - 59                                                 1.80 
60-75                                                 1.90
76 or more                                          2.00

* Note: Hours attempted for SAP purposes include all credit attempted at CSU, all transfer credit and all nontraditional credit awarded.

Probation will not be applied to Maymester, Summer I or Summer II (minor terms). While a student cannot be placed on probation as a result of course work in a minor term, he/she can remove a probation status as a result of course work completed in a minor term. To remove a probationary status in a minor term, a student must take the courses in residence at Charleston Southern University (CSU).

Once a student has been placed on probation 1 or 2, the probation cannot be removed by taking classes at another institution. However, students serving probation may request permission to earn credit (hours only) at approved out-of-town institutions when our Fall and Spring semesters are not in session, and the student's permanent address is outside the greater Charleston area. Local resident students must attend CSU unless permission is given to earn credit at a local institution due to special circumstances. Appropriate forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.

Students on Academic Probation 1 or 2 may be enrolled in GNED 103 Strategies for Academic Success as a condition for regaining good academic standing. Students administratively placed in GNED 103 will not be permitted to drop the course without permission from either The Student Success Center or The University Registrar.

When placed on probation, a student has two consecutive major terms in which to meet the "satisfactory progress" requirements. Failure to do so results in academic suspension. A student suspended for academic reasons will not be permitted to attend CSU for six months. A student who served academic suspension may return to CSU and will be automatically placed on probation 2. All students returning to Charleston Southern University on probation 2 must be registered for classes on the first day classes begin.

Once a student has been placed on suspension, he/she may not remove the suspension status by taking courses at another institution. If the student takes courses at another institution while suspended, they will not be transferred into CSU. A student wishing to return after having been suspended must complete an Application for Admission (for readmission approval), with Enrollment Services.

Students will be subject to the academic standing process unless they completely withdraw from the University prior to midterm.

After returning from academic suspension, a student will have one major semester to meet the satisfactory academic progress scale. Failure to do so results in permanent expulsion from the University.

Approved by the Curriculum Committee on May 4, 1984. Subsequent revisions approved on April 11, 1991, and January 24, 1995, by the Curriculum Committee, and on November 13, 2000, November 25, 2008, April 24, 2012 by action of the Faculty Senate. Revised May 2013 by the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate and the Admissions Committee. Revised by the Admissions Committee January and September 2015.


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