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Academic Policies

Policy R-48

Number: R-48
Date of Inception: March 18, 1991

Students may repeat any course taken at Charleston Southern University in which they have earned a previous grade.  However, the University limits the number of times students may attempt a credit-earning course to three, and the number of times students may attempt a remedial, non-credit course to two.  All attempts (or repeats) count, including those with grades of “W,”  “WP,” “WF” and “FA.”  A course may not be repeated within the same semester (i.e., taking an accelerated course within a semester).  For students accepted into the Bridge Program, the attempts to earn a passing grade in the remedial, non-credit 099 courses must be consecutive.  Any requests to appeal this policy are treated on a case by case basis.  Such appeals must be submitted to the Registrar in writing and will be heard by the appropriate committee.

When a student chooses to repeat a course, the higher grade will be used in the calculation of their GPA except when the student must repeat the course due to the time limitation policy (see policy R-49) then the most recent grade will be used in the calculation of their GPA.

Note: Some academic departments require certain courses to be taken in numerical sequence.  Taking any lower level course in the sequence once credit has been earned in a higher level course (at Charleston Southern University or transferred from another institution) in the sequence is not permitted.

Revised by action of the Faculty Senate, March 9, 1998 and the Registrar February, 2014.


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