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Academic Policies

Policy R-49

Number: R-49
Date of Inception: April 12, 1999

Some departments have established policies stating older courses may not be used to meet major or minor requirements, or their prerequisites. Older courses that are not required for one's major or minor may be used to satisfy Liberal Arts Core requirements, or may be accepted as general electives. Departments not listed have no time limitations on credit.

The following departments have time limitations on credit:

Behavioral Sciences, Business and Economics and Criminal Justice                                           10 Years
Computer and Information Sciences**, Mathematics and Physical Sciences                               5 Years
Education*                                                                                                                                     7 Years

The following majors (and minors if applicable) are subject to the above departmental limitations:

Bachelor of Business Administration (any major or emphasis), Criminal Justice, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology

10 years

Computer Science:
Computing courses** and Mathematics courses

5 years

Education* (all undergraduate majors)

Education (all graduate programs)

7 years

6 years

Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Mathematics

5 years

Nursing*: mathematics and sciences must have been taken within five years at the time of the application to the program

5 years


* The acceptance of all Education and Nursing courses is determined by the appropriate Dean.

**Credit for Computer Courses older than 5 years will not be used to meet major or minor cognate requirements, or their prerequisites, unless:

  1. The applicant has been working in a field where the course content is in use by the applicant.
  2. The Department Head determines that the applicant is current in course content and is able to do any work for which the course is prerequisite.
  3. The applicant has completed an advanced course with a grade of C or better for which the course in question was a prerequisite, and that advanced course was less than five years old.

Policy application guidelines:

  1. The age of credit is established from the date classes begin for the term a student attends after being admitted or readmitted. The age of credit will be recalculated if the student leaves CSU for at least two consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring). If a student leaves the University for two consecutive semesters and later returns, the student is subject to the Undergraduate Catalog and regulations in effect at the time of matriculation.
  2. When students must repeat older credit that is on their academic records (by transfer or earned at CSU) due to a time limitation policy, only the new credit will be used in the calculation of their grade point ratios.

By action of the Faculty Senate, April 12, 1999. Revised by the Registrar January 2014. Revised by the Faculty Senate, February 2014. Revised by the Registrar, January, 2019.


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