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Academic Policies

Policy R-5

Number: R-5
Date of Inception: May 1, 1996

Purpose: To establish the number of nontraditional credit hours that may be used toward earning a degree from CSU. Nontraditional credit at CSU includes CLEP Subject Tests, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, Advanced Placement, CSU Challenge Exams, and credit from military and police experience. The amount of credit accepted falls under the limitation in Policy R 32.

1. CSU Challenge Exams, CLEP and DANTES Subject examinations: (30 credit hours maximum) Scores must be sent directly from the examiner.To determine if a course can be challenged check the course description in the Academic Catalog.

2. Military Credit: (30 credit hours maximum for general experience)

Must be documented by submission of any of the following:DD-295 form, DD-214 form, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript, Army/ACE Registry Transcript Service (AARTS), and Field Training Reports

3. Advanced Placement (AP): Credit for Advanced Placement will be awarded according to the current listing maintained by the Office of the Registrar. The list will be revised and updated as needed by the Registrar with the approval of the appropriate academic department chairperson(s). No limit has been set for the maximum number of hours CSU will accept from AP credit. CSU accepts for exemption and credit the scores of 3 or higher on tests taken in approved subject areas in the AP Program. The grade of P (Pass) will be assigned to all AP credit accepted for credit. No grade points will be assigned.     

4. Credit for Certified Police Officers: Police officers who are certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (Class 1) and are currently employed with municipal, county, or state agencies are eligible to apply for six (6) hours of undergraduate or three (3) hours of graduate credit. The student is required to submit documentation and application to the Registrars Office for approval within two semesters of enrolling as a Criminal Justice major/minor at Charleston Southern University. Federal law enforcement officers may also be eligible to apply for Nontraditional Credit. Contact the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department for additional information and required forms.

By action of the Faculty Senate. Revised by Faculty Senate on October12, 1998, January 24, 2012, and November 27, 2012.


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