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Academic Policies

Policy R-51

Number: R-51
Date of Inception: September 8, 1999

Purpose: To establish a procedure for students to follow in the event one is dismissed from an academic program, and he or she desires to appeal the action.

Within ten (10) days of receiving the dismissal letter, the student will request an interview with the professor who initially recommended the dismissal. This interview will occur within ten (10) days of the professor being contacted by the student. The student should explain why reconsideration should be given. The professor will explain the basis for the dismissal.

If dissatisfied, the student should submit a written statement to the departmental chairperson stating why she/he is dissatisfied and what changes the student feels would be fair and reasonable. The burden of proof lies upon the student to show an error or malfeasance has occurred. Within ten (10) days of receiving the written appeal, the department chairperson will notify, in writing both the professor and student of her/his decision. If the student fails to show reasonable cause for further investigation, the chairperson may deny the appeal without taking further action.

When, in the opinion of the department chairperson, a student's appeal raises reasonable doubt as to whether a mistake or malfeasance may have occurred, the chairperson shall appoint, within ten (10) days, a committee of three faculty members whom he considers most nearly competent in the subject to adjudicate the matter. This committee will meet and issue a decision in writing to the department chairperson, professor, and student within ten (10) days. Both the professor and student should be asked to bind themselves in advance to accept the committee's decision. Neither may be required, however, so to bind him/her self.

Any student, who has exhausted the remedies open to him under the above procedures, may appeal the entire matter to the Faculty Appeals Committee within ten (10) days of the three faculty member committee's decision. The student is hereby advised that the Faculty Appeals Committee will not set aside the student's dismissal from a program, but if the student can show compelling evidence that the procedures outlined above have been violated, the Committee may recommend that the appropriate academic dean investigate the entire matter.

The student may appeal in writing the decision of the Faculty Appeals Committee to the appropriate academic dean within ten (10) days. The academic dean's decision is final.

Approved by action of the Deans Council, September 8, 1999.


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