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Academic Policies

Policy R-54

Number: R-54
Date of Inception: April 30, 1999

Purpose: To establish guidelines for the Honors Program.
The Honors Program, designed to challenge and encourage the most academically distinguished students at CSU, combines academics with a variety of cultural and social activities. The program is open to approximately 40 new students each year and candidates normally enter as freshmen. The notation of successful completion of the Honors Program on a transcript often provides an advantage for both employment and graduate school application. Students with a redesigned SAT score of 1270 or higher (or an ACT score of 27 or higher) and a high school GPA of 3.5 may be eligible for participation in the Honors Program. During the freshmen year students must successfully complete the Honors Seminar offered in the Fall semester and at least two Liberal Arts Core courses under Honors instruction. During the sophomore, junior, and senior years students must obtain "Honors" credit in a minimum of 18 credit hours (total for all years), of which at least 12 credit hours must be in their designated field of study. The senior year may include a Senior Honors Seminar or Senior Honors Project. To remain in the Honors Program students must successfully complete a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester, unless the Honors Program Council grants an exception, and maintain high academic standing with the university as evidenced by their cumulative GPA. The GPA requirements are as follows:
All admissions to the program are based on the decision of the Honors Program Council, who will notify candidates of their acceptance into the program. Students wishing to apply should submit a letter of application to the Chairperson of the Honors Council, c/o the Office of the Director of Academic Advising.
Hours attempted                         Cumulative GPA
30                                                           3.2
60                                                           3.3
90                                                           3.4
125                                                         3.5
 Each student in the Honors Program will have the following benefits: 
  1. Small sections in selected core courses taught by the best faculty.
  2. Special sections of the Honors Freshman Seminar.
  3. Specifically designated faculty advisors within their major department.
  4. Priority in registration for courses.
  5. Permission to take 19 - 21 semester hours at no extra tuition charge.
  6. Invitation to take general CLEP exams during orientation at no charge.
  7. Permission to take Challenge Exams at no charge. (Challenge Exams are subject to departmental approval.)
  8. Inclusion in selected University special events.
  9. Field trips or other additional events arranged by each department for their Honors students.
  10. Notation of Honors Program completion on the student's transcript when graduates.
  11. Recognition at academic awards ceremonies and at commencement.
Approved by action of the Academic Council, April 30, 1999. Revised by Faculty Senate March 22, 2011. Revised by the Executive Director for Enrollment Services October 2016.


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