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Academic Policies

Policy R-61

Title: Study Abroad
Number: R-61
Date of Inception: April 26, 2011 

Purpose: To assist Charleston Southern University students desiring to spend a summer or a semester studying abroad, the following steps have been established:

  1. Meet with the Dean of Students. 
  2. Pick up a Request to Take Courses at Another Institution Form from the Registrar’s Office. All courses taken while abroad must be approved by the appropriate academic department at Charleston Southern University before academic credit will be granted by the University Registrar.
    1. Complete the form
    2. Meet with the appropriate advisor and/or department head and obtain approval for the desired courses to be accepted in lieu of required CSU courses or as electives. 
  3. Meet with a Financial Aid Office counselor and obtain his/her signature on the proposed study budget statement. 
  4. Meet with a Student Account Representative in the Business Office and obtain his/her signature on the checklist. 
  5. Obtain the signature of the University Registrar on the proposed plan of study. 
  6. While studying at the university, the student will be considered as being fully enrolled at Charleston Southern University. 
  7. Students are responsible for obtaining and turning in bills to the Student Accounts in the Business office in order to receive financial aid and have payment made on their behalf.  CSU will be billed by the university and CSU will use the student’s financial aid to cover the bill. The student is responsible for any expenses not covered by his/her financial aid      package.  All financial aid and any student payments must be received prior to Charleston Southern submitting payment for your study abroad program. 
  8. Charleston Southern University will accept the credits earned at the international institution toward meeting the requirements for a degree from Charleston Southern University in accordance with the student’s academic department decisions.     
    1. Credit/course hours taken at another institution will not be counted toward Charleston Southern University’s residency requirement of 300/400 level course requirements.
    2. Charleston Southern University waives the 36 of the last 46 residency hours policy for all study abroad programs, as long as students in such programs earn at least 36 CSU hours.
    3. Grades earned in courses taken at an international university will be treated in the same manner as though they were taken at Charleston Southern University. 
  9. While acknowledging that all study abroad programs and overseas institutions have their own criteria for admissions, Charleston Southern University students are held to an institutional standard before being allowed to study abroad for credit.
    1. The minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) required for Charleston Southern University students wishing to study abroad during the semester is 3.0 on a scale of       4.0.
    2. A student with a GPA lower than 3.0 must obtain permission from his/her academic dean before he/she will be approved for study abroad by the Director of Office of       International Programs. 

By action of Faculty Senate March 2011. Updated February 2015 by the University Registrar.



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