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Academic Policies

Policy R-62

Title: Dismissing a student from a class or course
Number: R-62
Date of Inception: April 24, 2012

Dismissing a student from a class:

A disruptive student may be dismissed from the remainder of a single class period if the student's behavior is threatening the learning environment of the class. The professor may ask a student to leave the room, or if the student refuses to leave the room, the professor can ask Campus Security for assistance. The professor will email the student and his/her department chair (or dean if the professor is the chair) to clarify the professor's expectations for appropriate behavior before the student may return to class. The professor may choose to meet with the student in-person in the presence of the department chair and/or the dean. If the professor is not satisfied with the results of that meeting or the response to his/her email, the Dean of Students should be notified for disciplinary action according to the CSU Code of Conduct statement regarding disruption of the academic process. Any disciplinary action regarding classroom behavior requires the mutual agreement of the Dean of Students and the faculty member. Disciplinary action may include Probation and/or Suspension from the class and/or the university. Students placed on Probation will be warned that any further disruption in the classroom will lead to Suspension from the class and/or the university.

Dismissing a student from a course:

If the disruptive behavior continues over time, the student is dismissed from the class until the issue can be resolved at a formal meeting between the student, instructor, department chair, and Dean of Students. It is the responsibility of the instructor to schedule this meeting within three working days of removal of the student from class. Meeting participants negotiate a plan of action to resolve the problem. The student and instructor sign the plan, and the student is readmitted to class. 

If the student is unwilling or unable to follow the above plan or to curtail disruptive behavior, the student will be removed from class by Campus Security and the instructor may recommend to the department chair that the student be removed from the course, subject to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A grade of AW (Administrative Withdrawal) would be assigned; this grade will not affect the GPA calculations. The AW grade would be given after the disciplinary process leads to student suspension from the class or the university.

By action of the Deans Council and Faculty Senate April 2012.


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