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Registrar's Office

Transfer Policies

Courses taken at an accredited college or university will transfer to Charleston Southern University under the below guidelines. Official transcripts are required for courses to be transferred. Credit will be classified as one of the following: (1) equivalent to a current CSU course; or (2) acceptable as a major/minor elective; or (3) acceptable for Liberal Arts Core, or (4) acceptable as general elective credit only.

Limitations have been set for the maximum number of transfer hours as outlined below: 

  1. Regionally accredited junior, community and technical colleges where a student did not receive an associate's degree: 68 semester credit hours maximum, including all nontraditional credit accepted (see note below).
  2. Regionally accredited junior, community and technical colleges where a student did receive an associate's degree: 89 semester credit hours maximum, including all nontraditional credit accepted.
  3. Regionally accredited senior colleges and universities: 89 semester credit hours maximum, including any credit accepted from all other sources ("1." above and all nontraditional credit accepted; see note below).

See academic policy R-32 for specific acceptance of transfer credits. For academic policy on Nontraditional credit see academic policy R-5.  For time limitations on credit see academic policy R-49

Courses that transfer from SC Technical Schools
SC Technical School Courses listed in alphabetical order.

A - B  |  C - E  |  F - M |  N - Z

Click here for our Transfer Equivalency Guide for transferring in your Liberal Arts Core requirements

Courses that transfer from Spartanburg Methodist College

Note: Nontraditional credit at CSU includes CLEP Subject Tests, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, Advanced Placement, CSU Challenge Exams, and credit from military experience. 

  • AP Credit: Policy on awarding of credit for College Board Advanced Placement Examinations
  • IB Policy: Policy on International Baccalaureate credits
  • DANTE Policy: Policy on Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education credits
  • CLEP Exams:Policy on awarding of credit for CLEP exams

Math Policy: All math courses are evaluated by our Math department. If you have any questions about your math course credit, please contact the Registrars Office. You may be asked to provide a syllabus of the course to the Math department. How a math course, from the SC Technical School system, applies to a CSU major differs.

Credit for Certified Police Officers: Police officers who are certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (Class 1) or another approved agency are eligible to apply for six (6) hours of undergraduate or three (3) hours of graduate credit. The student is required to submit documentation and application to the Registrars Office for approval. Federal law enforcement officers may also be eligible to apply for Nontraditional Credit. Contact the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department for additional information. Complete this form to initiate the process: Nontraditional Credit Application

Military Credit: (30 credit hours maximum for general experience)
Must be documented by submission of any of the following:
DD-295 form, DD-214 form, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript, Army/ACE Registry
Transcript Service (AARTS), and Field Training Reports



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