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Each year, Residence Life sets move-in weekends. These weekends generally are just before the first day of classes. Students should only move into the residence halls during their designated move-in time. The university is unable to approve early move-ins.


All students are required to move out within 24 hours of their last exam each semester. Visit our check-out page to learn more important information about how to properly check out at the end of the fall and spring semester.

Room Sign-Ups (Spring)

After registering for classes, residents should pay their room deposit and sign-up for a room for the next semester.

Room Confirmations (Fall)

All residents who want to leave items on campus over Christmas Break need to confirm their room.

Laundry Services

There are laundry rooms in each of the residence halls. Residents have access to washing machines and dryers 24 hours a day. Use laundry alert to see what machines are available and keep up with when your load is finished.

Maintenance Requests

Sometimes things break and need to be repaired or replaced. Visit the maintenance page to submit work requests.

Open House

The Residence Hall Open House Program is designed to encourage academic study, fellowship and spiritual development. This program will permit guests of the opposite sex to visit a student room during the designated time period only.

Health and Wellness Checks

Health and Wellness inspections are intended to inspect the cleanliness of CSU housing units. Inspections are designed to identify health and wellness threats and the general condition of dorm rooms.