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Each residence hall contains at least one laundry room. Laundry machines are free for use by all residential students. The washers are High Efficiency washers and require high efficiency liquid detergent. Pods and powder detergent may also be used, but must be put directly into the machine – not the drawer.

Our washers are front loading and have four cycles: Permanent press, Normal hot, Normal cold and Delicate. These cycles range from 23-29 minutes. Washers should be loaded loosely three-fourths of the way full. Overloading the washers or putting detergent in incorrectly can cause damage to the machines. Dryers have four cycles as well: High, Medium, Low and Delicates.

Our laundry service includes an internet laundry machine monitoring system called Laundry Alert. It can be used to determine the availability of washers and dryers, receive notifications of availability and end of cycle on telephone or cell phone.

To report issues with a machine, visit the ASI Campus Laundry page and enter your request. You may also download the CSC ServiceWorks Service app on your phone and scan the barcode on the machine to create a service request.