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Room Change Request
After the first two weeks of the fall semester and after preregistration for spring semester, students are given the opportunity to change rooms and/or roommates at a time designated by the residence life office. Students may NOT move into any room other than the one assigned to him/her without approval of the Residence Life Coordinator or Director of Residence Life. Violation of this policy could result in a fine and/or immediate withdrawal from campus housing. The University reserves the right to move a student to another room upon proper notification. Further, if a student wants to change his/her room assignment during the academic year he/she must do it through a written request. Requests must be given to the requestor’s RLC.

If students are requesting to move rooms, and have completed the room change request form, all students requesting to reside together must meet with their RLC, before a change occurs. All new roommates must complete a new roommate and suitemate agreement and have the new RA present.

Requests to move due to roommate/suitemate conflict, will only be entertained after peer mediation exercises have been attempted.

How to request a room change:
1. Print Voluntary Room Change Request form
2. Complete form. Make sure you have your new roommate(s) sign Section 3.
3. Turn in your completed form to the Housing Office in Russell West.