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Each student must officially check-in at the beginning of each semester. Moving into a residence hall without going through the proper procedure will result in a $100 fine. The Residence Life Staff is unable to allow early check-ins unless required by the university. Specials groups who are required by the university to move in at a time different from the times listed on our website should contact their program lead. Please bring your CSU student ID with you to check-in.


Tips for a Successful Move in

  • Read the Student Handbook. Make sure to review items to bring and items to leave at home lists. All of the Residence Life policies and procedures are found in the Student Handbook. Residents are encouraged to contact their RA if questions or concerns arise.
  • Know your room assignment and move in location.
  • Be on time. Early and late check-ins are unacceptable. If for any reason a resident is unable to check- in on time, he/she must inform the Residence Life Office at least 48 hours in advance for arrangements to be made. Please email Residence Life at

What to expect after moving in

Community Meetings Each hall has at least one Resident Advisor. Residents will have a Welcome Home Community Meeting the day of, or after move-in. Please talk with your Resident Advisor for more information.

Room Condition Form needs to be completed by all roommates in a room and turned into the Resident Advisor within 24 hours after move-in. Check your room to ensure there are no missing items, nothing is broken, and report anything that is not up to par in your room.

Roommate and Suitemate Agreements are filled out by every resident. Communication is the single most important factor in building good relationships. Every year, residents come to the Residence Life staff with issues, and more often than not the issues could have been resolved through a simple conversation. We recommend taking this opportunity to get to know one another and express concerns and reservations regarding sharing space. Take your time filling out these forms and use open, honest communication and listen to one another. These agreements will be completed during a meeting with your RA three weeks after move-in.