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RA's and RLC's

RAs and RLCs

Resident Assistants (RA)

The RA is a student member of the Residence Life Department who is selected on the basis of his/her ability and desire to develop counseling, advising and leadership skills necessary to create an effective learning environment. The RA is responsible for assisting students in making a smooth transition to campus life, enforcing rules and policies, providing answers to questions, handling student conflicts, facilitating residence hall activities and other duties that may arise in the residence halls. The RA provides assistance and guidance by leading the residence hall in discipline and discipleship from a peer's perspective. The RA makes the commitment to love, pray for and disciple every student he/she is responsible for.

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC)

The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) is a specially trained full-time university employee who is responsible for the management and daily operations of the residence hall. The RLC, in collaboration with other staff members, makes decisions on staff hiring, orientation, training, evaluation and discipline. They also equip, train and encourage RAs and RDs. The RLC makes decisions to ensure that residents are provided with a positive living-learning environment with an emphasis on academic success, positive community and spiritual well-being.