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Institutional Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded by Charleston Southern University to degree-seeking students who are enrolled full-time. The scholarship amount is determined by the student's GPA and SAT/ACT score at the time of high school graduation. The scholarship amount may change based on financial need and residency status. This award can be renewed each year by maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

Other Institutional Scholarships


Athletic Scholarship

Scholarships are available to students who qualify both athletically and academically for one of the competitive team sports. Inquiries should be directed to the CSU Athletic Department at 843-863-7678.

Band Award

Students who participate in the CSU Concert Band or Jazz Band may be eligible to receive a scholarship. An audition is required and can be arranged by contacting the University Band Director at 843-863-7962 in the CSU Horton School of Music.

International Missionary Dependent Award

Awards are made to the dependents of missionaries serving with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. These awards are for semesters only (fall and/or spring) and are up to $3,000 per year for tuition. For consideration, please fill out FAFSA and contact the CSU Financial Aid Office at 843-863-7050 or by email at

Minister's Dependent Scholarship

Dependents of pastors ordained by the South Carolina Baptist Convention are eligible to receive $1,000 per year. For consideration, please fill out FAFSA and contact the CSU Financial Aid Office at 843-863-7050 or by email at

Music Award

Scholarships may be available to accepted students who participate in music ensembles and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better. A scholarship audition is required. Auditions can be arranged after a student has filled out the Horton School of Music Application. One credit hour of studio instruction is required each semester (fall and spring). Contact the CSU Horton School of Music at 843-863-7962.

Palmetto Boys State and Palmetto Girls State

CSU offers incoming full-time freshmen Palmetto Boys State Scholarships and Palmetto Girls State Scholarships for $1,000 for 4 years. Qualifications are acceptance to CSU, full-time enrollment, 3.0 high school grade point average, minimum 1000 SAT (math and critical reading only) or a composite ACT of 21. Student must provide letter of participation and completion of this program. Scholarships are not awarded above direct costs which include tuition, room and board (if living on campus) and books. For renewal student must maintain 2.5 cumulative college grade point average and earn 24 credit hours.


Student Government Association (SGA) Stipends

Students elected to one of the Student Government Offices are eligible to receive a stipend valued at the amount of the cost for room and board for the fall and spring semesters during the period they are in office. Inquiries should be addressed to the SGA Office. Stipend eligibility will be determined by the successful completion of SGA Officer duties as evaluated by the CSU Dean of Students.

Student Leadership Scholarship

All graduates of SLU 101,102,201,301 or 401 who meet CSU's admission standards, and are full-time freshmen are eligible to receive a scholarship of $2,000 per year for 4 years.  Confirmation of completion is required for initial award. To maintain eligibility of the SLU award, students must maintain a minimum of 2.5 cumulative grade point average and be enrolled full-time.

ROTC Scholarships

Available to sophomores who meet all qualifications designated by the ROTC Department. These scholarships will fund the full cost of tuition, fees and books for the junior and senior years. If you are interested in this program, you should contact 843-863-7148 for the Air Force ROTC and 843-270-9590 for the Army ROTC.

Endowed and Funded Scholarships

These scholarships are made possible by caring friends of the university who desire that students have the opportunity to obtain a college education. Most are awarded to students enrolled full time and have specific criteria set by the donors. Contact the CSU Financial Aid Office at 843-863-7050 or by email at


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