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Campus Security

The Charleston Southern Campus Security Department exists to serve the campus community. Our mission is to ensure a safe and secure environment for all who enter our campus: students, faculty, staff and guests. Our goal is for the members of our university to be able to learn, lead and serve in a stress free, safe and secure environment.

The Campus Security Department is the recognized law enforcement agency responsible for the Charleston Southern University campus and charged with protecting life and property. The department is charged with the enforcement of applicable federal, state and local laws as well as University policies and regulations. All criminal offenses occurring on campus or at a university event should be reported to Campus Security.

OFFICE: (843) 863-7105   EMERGENCY: (843) 553-5896

The Campus Security Department gains its authority from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, licensed as a Business of Proprietary Security. The Campus Security Department is comprised of university employees and contract officers. All personnel are South Carolina State Certified Security Officers pursuant to South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 40, Chapter 18.

The campus is patrolled by officers who are on foot, in vehicles and golf carts. The high visibility and mobility of these officers are an integral part of our community policing efforts. These methods enhance the opportunity for officers to provide a more interactive approach to community support and service.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in effect between the university and the North Charleston Police Department (NCPD). The NCPD is our primary law enforcement support, responding to calls for service, assisting with any serious crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement, K-9; illegal narcotics education programs and supplementing manpower for special events.

The Campus Security Department strives to serve the campus community and welcomes all visitors at any time.

The security office is located on the first floor of Russell West.
        Phone: 843-553-5896 or 2020 from any campus phone

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