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Emergency Procedures

Communication/Points of Contact

While information related to an emergency will be communicated through the Buc Alert system and local media, the following individuals will serve as points of contact:
Dr. Michael L. Bryant
Executive Vice President
Mr. John Wilson
Director of Security
Dr. Jackie Fish
Vice President for Academic Affairs


The purpose of the Emergency Response Plan is to establish policies and procedures and an organizational hierarchy for response to emergencies occurring on campus. This campus-level Emergency Response Plan guides the response of Charleston Southern University personnel and resources during an emergency. It is the official Emergency Response Plan for Charleston Southern University and supersedes previous plans and precludes employee actions not in accord with the intent of this plan, or the emergency organization created by it.    


The mission of Charleston Southern University is promoting academic excellence in a Christian environment. The university is a learning and living environment comprised of faculty, staff and students, brought together for study and work in a setting designed to fulfill our mission. Part of accomplishing that mission requires a healthy and safe campus. However, crisis situations can and do occur. The mission of this plan defines and describes actions to be taken by the campus community to effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from various crises, emergency or disasters that may affect lives, property and the institution.    


The goals of this plan are:  

  • To protect the health and safety of the campus population
  • To protect campus assets
  • To preserve the university's ability to operate
  • To establish clear lines of authority and coordination applicable to the crisis response
  • To centralize and define the procedures to be implemented in response to a crisis event
  • To ensure a timely recovery from a crisis event



Sign Up For BUC Alerts

BUC Alert is an emergency communication system that sends notification to the entire campus community before, during and after an emergency. To signup for BUC Alert notification system, you must be logged into your MyCSU account.