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Campus Life

General Safety Information

Rules for Personal Safety

  • Lock and double-check the door when you leave. Don't loan your keys. Promptly report lost keys
  • Record the serial numbers of expensive possessions. Put a secret mark on them for positive identification (serial numbers may be removed). We have an engraver.
  • Don't leave money in your room that you can't afford to lose. Open a bank account
  • Don't depend on others to look after your possessions. Don't leave things unattended in public areas.
  • Be alert to and report suspicious people, incidents and activities.
  • Use the buddy system when walking on campus at night. Security escorts are available by dialing 2020.
  • Report thefts and burglary to Campus Security immediately at 2020 from a campus phone or 843-553-5896 or text to 843-371-8445. Leave the room as you found it until the police or a Campus Security officer arrives.
  • THINK - You are your first line of defense.

Campus Security Escort Program

We encourage all members of the campus community to use common sense and practice good personal safety techniques at all times. Students and employees alike are encouraged to walk in pairs and groups especially during the hours of darkness. However, when this is not possible, please use the campus escort service which is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. This on-campus service is intended for those who need a security escort to/from class, residence hall, facilities or parking lots. To access the program call 843-553-5896 (or 2020 from a campus phone) and provide the following information to the call taker:

    • Your name
    • Phone number
    • Current location
    • Where you wish to go, and
    • A physical description of yourself

(Please remain in your car or wait in the building lobby until a Campus Security representative arrives.)

This program, staffed by our on-duty officers, serves a community of more than 3,000. Calls for escort service are dispatched immediately. However, a delay in response time may be due to a high volume use of the program. If this occurs, please place your call again.

Emergency Call Boxes (Blue Lights)

Security on campus has been enhanced through the installation of emergency call boxes. To date, there are 27 emergency call boxes in various locations to provide immediate interaction and assistance. Additionally there are 54 courtesy phones throughout the residence halls to contact Campus Security.


Sign Up For BUC Alerts

BUC Alert is an emergency communication system that sends notification to the entire campus community before, during and after an emergency. To signup for BUC Alert notification system, you must be logged into your MyCSU account.