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Parking Information  

Who needs to register their vehicle? 

  • All students, Resident and Commuter, within 24 hours of bringing the vehicle on campus.   

How do I register my vehicle?

  • Purchase through Rydin Permit Express online.
  • Parking Permits are $20.00 annually (includes permit and processing fee).
  • Once purchased online at Rydin Permit Express, your decal will be mailed to you. The decal is applied on the inside of your windshield, driver side, bottom.

Where do I park? 

In clearly designated legal parking spaces according to your decal type. No parking is allowed on the grass. Resident students may not drive to class. 

Types of parking decals:

  • Resident Student
  • Commuter Student
  • FS: Faculty/Staff


What if I get a ticket? 

If you receive a ticket you have 2 options:

  • Option 1- Within 15 days, pay the ticket online at Rydin Permit Express. Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt.
  • Option 2- Within 15 days, file an appeal online to Rydin Permit Express. You will receive a date and time for your appeal to be heard by the House Council.   

What if I get a ticket and don't pay it or appeal it? 

Any unpaid campus parking tickets will result in a security hold being placed on your student account. This hold will prevent you from viewing your grades, viewing your transcript, registering for classes, obtaining a copy of your official transcript and graduating. Students are encouraged to check their MyCSU account for updated information regarding past due campus parking fines.   

How do I remove a security hold from my student account? 

  • Contact the Campus Security Department
  • Request the amount of your hold.
  • Pay the hold - pay online at Rydin Permit Express.  Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt. Take your receipt to the Campus Security Department which is located on the 1st floor of Russell West, present the receipt, and the hold will be removed. 

Temporary Parking Information

  • A Temporary Parking Permit can be issued by the Campus Security Department for vehicles that will be on campus for a short period of time. An example would be that your primary vehicle is in the shop for repairs and you are driving a loaner for a week. You would be required to obtain a Temporary Parking Permit. 

Temporary Handicap Parking Information

  • If a student suffers an injury which temporarily makes it difficult to walk from their designated parking area to class, a Temporary Handicap Parking permit can be issued by the Campus Security Department. A doctor's note may be required. 

Visitor/ Guest Parking Information

  • Visitors and guests are required to park in marked visitor parking spots unless a designated area has been established for an event they are attending. 

Vehicle Immobilization Policy

  • Charleston Southern University has a vehicle parking and registration policy in effect which requires students, faculty, and staff to register and obtain a parking decal for their vehicle within 24 hours of bringing it on campus. From time to time, it is necessary to utilize a wheel immobilizer to boot vehicles on campus to ensure compliance with the university's registration and parking policy. The purpose of immobilizing the vehicle is to identify the driver and ensure that, if the driver is a current student, a vehicle registration and decal is obtained. If your vehicle is immobilized, then you will have to pay a $25 removal fee to the CSU cashier's office located in the Hunter Center. Then bring your receipt to the Campus Security office located at Russell West, 1st floor. If you don't have a current parking decal displayed, you must provide proof of purchase before the boot will be removed. Decals must be purchased through Rydin Permit Express. The cost is $15 plus processing and mailing fees. Once you have paid these fee(s), present your receipt to Security who will then release the vehicle.

Faculty, Staff Parking Decal Information

  • All faculty and staff members must register their vehicles with the Campus Security Department upon employment. There is no charge for the registration and decal. Faculty and staff members are required to follow the campus parking policy. 


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