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Charleston Southern University

Program Curriculum

Sociology Major with Human Services Emphasis

The current CSU sociology major consists of the on-campus courses listed below. This major in this format is recommended for graduate-school-bound students: 

Traditional Sociology Major:

  • Sociology 101/Priniciples of Sociology (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 203/Social Problems (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 301/Behavioral Statistics (4 hrs)
  • Sociology 426/Social Theory (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 427/Social Research Methods (4 hrs)
  • Sociology 428/Social Research Practicum (2 hrs)
  • Sociology electives (15 hrs)
  • Total: 34 hrs 

The Behavioral Sciences Department is recommending a second path of study designed for students in sociology who are intending to enter the job market immediately after graduation. This career path would prepare them for immediate entry into jobs in the helping professions and later entry into graduate study in public administration or human services. This emphasis would provide real-world skills in such areas as management, accounting, business ethics, marketing and human resource management. This would make our students very attractive applicants to the 700-plus not-for-profits and numerous governmental agencies in the Greater Charleston Area or elsewhere. Fortunately, our CAPS program already offers these courses. If those courses are bundled with the basic courses in our existing sociology major, it creates a new human services emphasis with our sociology major.

Sociology with Human Services Emphasis

Taught on campus:

  • Sociology 101 Principles of Sociology (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 203 Social Problems (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 301 Behavioral Stat (4 hrs) 17 hours
  • Sociology 426 Social Theory (3 hrs)
  • Sociology 427 Social Research Methods (4 hrs)

Taught on campus and online:

  • Sociology 375/CAPS Intro to Human Services (3 hrs)

Taught online:

  • ECBA 202 Accounting for Managers (3 hrs)
  • ECBA 308 Marketing & Advertising (3 hrs)
  • ECBA 309 Entrepreneurship (3 hrs) 15 hours
  • ECBA 401 Business Ethics (3 hrs)
  • ECBA 402 Human Resources Management (3 hrs)
  • Total: 35 hrs