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The objective for the Internship Program is to guide students in applying discipline-related skills to the process of doing human service work within a well-defined organizational structure. The internship experience is an opportunity for sociology majors to learn, observe, and where appropriate, apply discipline-related skills in a human service agency under supervised observation.

Completing an internship is an invaluable experience for students who plan on entering the job market after earning their degrees and for students who plan to apply to graduate schools. Internships look great on your resume and allow you to get hands-on experience. Many of our students have received job offers as the result of their internship. Others have been able to clarify their career goals--either confirming they do, indeed, want to work with a particular population, or learning that they need to further clarify their goals.

  • Become familiar with how human service work is organized and delivered in our society.
  • Become familiar with human service employment practices, ethics and values expected of human service workers and the concept of professional development.
  • Develop an understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal work relationships and relationships with diverse client populations, the public and other human service providers.
  • Identify and work to enhance interpersonal skills, multicultural awareness and leadership abilities.
  • Clarify future educational and career goals.