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Student Accounts

Tuition Appeals

Understanding that extraordinary circumstances arise on rare occasions which may preclude a student from completing an academic term or course, the University has established a Financial Appeals Committee. In these situations, this Committee may waive the refund rules as stated in the catalog, and charges may be adjusted. Petitions to appeal for such an exception may be submitted to Student Accounts either by mail, fax, or in person. All appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Your appeal will be accepted for review by the Student Accounts Office once all information is complete and required documentation has been received. The petition will then be presented to the Financial Appeals Committee for decision. The Committee meets once a month and will review appeals received five business days prior to the meeting. Appeals received within four business days, or less, will not be reviewed until the next month's meeting.

Please read this process carefully before submitting your appeal. You may download a Tuition Appeal Form, and, if necessary for documentation, a Health Care Provider Verification Form, or pick up the forms from the Student Accounts Office located in the Hunter Center.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must complete each of the steps as indicated below:

  • Officially withdraw from all classes which you are appealing. This process is completed online through your MyCSU account.
  • Complete a Tuition Appeal form and return to the Student Accounts office along with any other required supporting documentation, as outlined in the guidelines.


In some appeal situations a balance is created from a previously distributed refund check or book charges or other nonreimbursable item. If a balance is created, it must be paid in full prior to registering for future semesters or receiving a transcript.

If a credit is generated from the petition, this will typically be used toward tuition upon returning to Charleston Southern University within one year of the end of the semester in which you withdraw. This credit is not transferable and will be cancelled if not used within one year.

Petition Guidelines

Reason: Medical

Qualifications: Illness of the student, or immediate family member, of such severity or duration that completion of the semester is precluded.

Documentation Required:

Reason: Call to active U.S. military duty

Qualifications: Call to active military duty after the drop/add day of the semester. (Refer to academic calendar for specific dates) Refer here for more information.

Documentation Required: Tuition Appeal Petition Form (and Military orders showing the effective date of deployment)

Reason: Death

Qualifications: Death of the student or member of the immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling).

Documentation Required: Tuition Appeal Petition Form (and Death certificate, obituary notice or news clipping naming student as relative of the deceased)

Reason: University Error

Qualifications: Student incorrectly advised by official CSU representative

Documentation Required: Tuition Appeal Petition Form (and a written statement on official letterhead or email from the University department explaining how the University was in error)

Reason: Extraordinary Circumstances

Qualifications: Circumstances in which the student had no control over and no reason to expect prior to the drop/add date for the semester. (Refer to academic calendar for specific dates.)

Documentation Required: Tuition Appeal Petition Form, and supporting documentation for circumstances (e.g., letter from employer that work hours changed, or notice of relocation, etc.)

Contact Student Accounts

Local Phone: 843-863-8058 
Toll free: 1-866-248-0445