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The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management at Charleston Southern Online gives you the skills and abilities to think in concert about the people, processes, and technologies required for world-class integrated supply chain management. Supply chain managers are responsible for synchronizing the flow of products, information, and funds between their organizations and both their suppliers and customers in a way that adds value.

Why Supply Chain Management?

The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management prepares graduates with critical skills necessary to succeed in the emerging field of supply chain management. The CSU curriculum emphasizes operations management, quality management, product and service delivery, strategic procurement, transportation, and supply chain information technology.
  • Increase your advancement and earnings potential
  • Accelerated employment growth rate of 26% (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Median salaries for managers - $84,000; directors - $127,000 (Payscale)
  • Listed as one of the "Best Jobs in 2012" (U.S. News and World Report)


Core Requirements (33 hours)


200 Student Success/Christian Worldview

202 Accounting Principles for Managers

203 Principles of Microeconomics

205 Statistics for Managers

222 Business Law I

301 Principles of Management

307 Business Communication

401 Business Ethics

402 Human Resources Management

404 International Business

406 Business Policy 

Major Courses (18 hours)   

320 Operations Management

321 Quality Management

322 Logistics

323 Distribution

324 Transportation

325 Procurement 



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