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Yellow Ribbon Program

Am I eligible?

CSU is a Yellow Ribbon Program participant. If you apply to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits you may be eligible to participate in this program if your Certificate of Eligibility shows that you are at the 100 percent rate. You need to notify the Veterans Services Coordinator at CSU that you plan to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits no matter what percentage rate you may receive.

Selecting your Benefits:

Once you choose to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits and apply online at using VONAPP, you wait until you receive a Certificate of Eligibility then bring it to the Veterans Services Office in Hunter Center. Once she has the certificate she will send a copy to the Financial Aid and Business Office to let them know that you will be receiving Chapter 33 and Yellow Ribbon Program benefits (if you are at the 100 percent rate). You will receive a bill from CSU since you are the student, but you will be coded Yellow Ribbon, and CSU will be responsible for half of your tuition and fees, and the VA is responsible for half of your tuition and fees.

Starting your Benefits:

You will be certified for Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits once CSU's Veterans Services Coordinator receives tuition and fees from Financial Aid Office. The VA will send CSU a check for half of your tuition and fees, and CSU will absorb their portion of your tuition and fees if you are eligible for the 100 percent rate and the Yellow Ribbon Program. At the 100 percent rate you will receive $500.00 each major semester for book stipend. You will also be paid at the 100 percent rate for housing allowance.

If you are not at the 100 percent level, you will not be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program, and you will have to cover the difference by applying for Financial Aid. The Housing Allowance and Book Stipend will be sent directly to the student, or to their direct deposit account. Anything under 100 percent the VA will pay the percentage of your tuition and fees to CSU, and you will be responsible for the remaining charge. Your book stipend and housing allowance will also be at the reduced rate, and those checks come directly to you or to your direct deposit account.

Important to remember:

Once you apply to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits, you will not be allowed to change back to your old chapter, this is an irrevocable decision that you make, so please take that into consideration when changing from your present chapter to Chapter 33.

Also, if you drop classes after the beginning of the term and you drop below full-time status that will create an overpayment, and the VA will ask you to pay them back out of your Housing Allowance. Once you enroll in class try to complete the term unless it is absolutely necessary for you to drop. VA will pay for you to retake an F, but they will require you to pay them back if you receive a W, WP, WF or FA. THEY REQUIRE PAYMENT ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THE TERM.

Links and phone numbers:

Devon Kemble
Veterans Services Coordinator
PHONE: 843-863-7050
FAX: 843-863-7070

To link to VA Web Page to apply go to

For Direct Deposit through VA please call 1-877-838-2778.


1. CSU is a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program

2. If you are in CSUs BMA program when you reach the cohort portion of the program you will need to take one class that runs the entire semester along with the cohort classes in order to be paid at the full time rate under Chapter 33. You must be in a classroom for at least 7 hours to be paid the housing allowance.

VA Checklist:

1. Apply on-line to use Chapter 33 VA Educational Benefits. Go to and click on apply, that will take you to VONAPP to fill out the application. Then you wait for your Certificate of Eligibility to be mailed to you from Atlanta VA Regional Office.

2. Once you receive your Certificate Of Eligibility from the VA you will bring it to the Veterans Services Coordinators Office at CSU in Hunter Reception Center, or fax certificate to (843) 863-863-7070.

3. Apply early for classes and try not to change your class schedule as that can cause problems with the way you are paid, or can create a VA overpayment. If you take regular day or evening classes and mix in accelerated courses, or BMA courses to be full time at CSU, you wont necessarily be full time for your VA Educational Benefits.