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Whitfield Center



I. Biblical Worldview Institute

At the foundation of the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership rests a commitment to articulate a clear understanding of the biblical worldview. The Biblical Worldview Institute hosts two conferences per year, led by CSU faculty, that demonstrate the relevance of the biblical worldview for one’s vocation. Conferences also provide opportunities for businesses, organizations and institutions to connect with CSU faculty, staff and students.

II. Faith Integration Institute

Understanding what the Bible teaches is foundational, but living out that understanding is transformational.  The world expects hypocrisy, but is disarmed by men and women who actually integrate their faith into every area of their lives how they teach, how they learn, how they work, how they live their lives. 

III. Marketplace Institute

Because of its proximity to the Charleston regional business community, the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership is uniquely positioned to serve as a resource for Christian leaders called to marketplace ministry. The Marketplace Institute hosts events throughout the year that provide opportunities for collaboration and leadership development. Partnering organizations include God in the Workplace, Lifeworks of Charleston, C12 and the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce. The Marketplace Institute hosts an annual conference related to marketplace ministry, planned and coordinated by CSU’s Director of Operations and the Marketplace Ministry Advisory Committee.