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How We Can Help

We're not for English classes only: our tutors come from various disciplines and have training in various forms of writing. While we don't tutor content, this diversity enables the tutors to help students learn the conventions and expectations when writing in different fields. We work with your students throughout the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, drafting and revising. While we don't edit or proofread, we help students learn how to become better editors of their own work.

Our tutors range from upper-level students to professional tutors with graduate degrees. Regardless of education, tutors work with students side by side as colleagues or consultants rather than teachers. In this way, we help students find their own ideas and voices while always searching for clearer and more effective ways of writing. We always welcome visits from faculty. We would love to help you revise papers or projects, or to provide feedback on the wording of new assignments. Every writer needs a reader.

Class Visits

You may request a visit from a Writing Center representative at any point in the semester. During this 5-10 minute presentation, the representative will introduce your students to the Writing Center's services and offerings.

In-Class Workshops

We offer workshops for your classes. Tutors come to your class to work with your students in small groups, providing some writing exercises and instruction. These workshops can be fashioned to your course's time restrictions and needs. Email Carissa Smith to request a workshop.

Below are the workshops we offer, but feel free to request a workshop not included in this list:

  • Forming Thesis Statements
  • Integrating Outside Research
  • Gathering Your Ideas: Prewriting, Outlines, Maps and Other Tools
  • Organizing Your Paper
  • Introductions and Conclusions
  • Nine Ways to Craft More Precise and Concise Writing
  • Basic Punctuation Rules

Client Report Forms

After every session, tutors fill out a client report form with input from the student. This form outlines the focus of the session and lists any major revision suggestions the tutor made. We ask students if they would like a copy of the client report form emailed to their professors as well as to themselves. The report forms facilitate communication between students, professors, and the Writing Center to assist in students' growth as writers.

Suggested Syllabus Statement

Consider including some form of this statement in your class syllabus:

Through one-on-one sessions (25 or 50 minutes), the Writing Center (Norris Hall 209) supports writers of all levels, in all disciplines. The WC helps writers brainstorm, find topics, incorporate and document sources, develop revision strategies, hone grammatical skills and much more. Schedule an appointment or stop by NH 209. For your session, take a copy of your assignment, your notes or ideas, any source materials and your draft (if you have one).