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`13 graduate serves alumni and parents

By CSU Media | September 19, 2019
Christian Hanley speaks with attendee at CSU Comes to You
Christian Hanley (left) speaks with an attendee at CSU Comes to You in summer 2019. Photo by Richard Esposito.

Christian Hanley is CSU’s director of alumni and parent engagement.

Hanley graduated from CSU in 2013 and was working at CEMS Engineering before returning to CSU. “I have a heart for things going on at CSU,” said Hanley. “I learned a lot here and met a lot of people who have continued to pour into my life. The campus holds a special place in my heart,” he said.

His work with alumni includes letting alumni know their involvement doesn’t have to stop after graduation. He said, “I’m essentially reaching out to people like me and working on how we can get more people involved.”

Christian Hanley

Hanley is exploring ways to keep parents involved without their students feeling their parents are hovering over them. “College is the first step into adulthood,” said Hanley. “We want students to explore some independence, and we want to help parents let their student find that independence.”

He also serves as a part-time youth minister and on the worship team at Summit Church, which meets on CSU’s campus. Hanley and his wife, Stephanie, a 2011 CSU graduate with a music therapy degree, have one son, Luke.  

If you are an alumnus or a CSU parent, reach out and get to know Hanley by emailing or

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