Campus Security

The Quads
9200 University Blvd., Charleston, SC 29406
P843-863-7105 | On-Campus Emergency 843-553-5896

Silent Witness

Your Safety is our Priority

The Campus Security Department is the recognized law enforcement agency responsible for the Charleston Southern University campus and charged with protecting life and property. The department is charged with the enforcement of applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as university policies and regulations. All criminal offenses occurring on campus or at a university event should be reported to Campus Security.

The Campus Security Department gains its authority from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, licensed as a Business of Proprietary Security. The Campus Security Department is comprised of university employees and contract officers. All personnel are South Carolina State Certified Security Officers pursuant to South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 40, Chapter 18.

The campus is patrolled by officers who are on foot, in vehicles, and golf carts. 

A Memorandum of Understanding is in effect between the university and the North Charleston Police Department. The NCPD is our primary law enforcement support, responding to calls for service, assisting with any serious crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement, K-9, illegal narcotics education programs, and supplementing manpower for special events.

Rules for Personal Safety

  • Lock and double-check the door when you leave. Don’t loan your keys. Promptly report lost keys.
  • Record the serial numbers of expensive possessions. Put a secret mark on them for positive identification (serial numbers may be removed). We have an engraver.
  • Don’t leave money in your room that you can’t afford to lose. Open a bank account.
  • Don’t depend on others to look after your possessions. Don’t leave things unattended in public areas.
  • Be alert to and report suspicious people, incidents and activities.
  • Use the buddy system when walking on campus at night. Security escorts are available by dialing 2020.
  • Report thefts and burglary to Campus Security immediately at 2020 from a campus phone or 843-553-5896 or text to 843-371-8445. Leave the room as you found it until the police or a Campus Security officer arrives.
  • THINK – You are your first line of defense.

Campus Security Escort Program

Students and employees alike are encouraged to walk in pairs and groups especially during the hours of darkness. However, when this is not possible, please use the security escort service which is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. This on-campus service is intended for those who need a security escort to/from class, residence hall, facilities, or parking lots. To access the program call 843-553-5896 (or 2020 from a campus phone) and provide the following information to the call taker:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Current location
  • Where you wish to go, and
  • A physical description of yourself

Please remain in your car or wait in the building lobby until a Campus Security representative arrives.

Calls for security escort service are dispatched immediately. However, a delay in response time may be due to a high volume use of the program. If this occurs, please place your call again.

Emergency Notification Devices (Blue Lights)

There are 27 emergency call boxes in various locations to provide immediate interaction and assistance. Additionally, there are 54 courtesy phones throughout the residence halls to contact Campus Security. To activate, either push the button or dial 2020.

There are also 18 panic button poles located around campus. These are identified as gray poles with a blue light on top and an “Emergency” in bold red type on the pole. Simply push the button and it will notify Campus Security of an emergency in that location.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity that receives federal funding. Title IX is a powerful tool for students who want to combat sexual violence at school and on college campuses. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault. If a Title IX incident occurs, head to the Title IX webpage and fill out the form.

Vehicle and Parking Registration

University regulations require that all motor vehicles owned and/or operated by students on campus be registered and display a current vehicle permit issued before the beginning of the Drop/Add date of the current semester, or within 24 hours any other time a vehicle is brought onto campus.   

Permits are purchased online at the CSU web page under the Campus Security section. You will be directed to a page for Rydin/Permit Express to purchase your decal. You will receive a temporary parking permit for your dash via your student email account.  When ordering permits you must use your student email account.  Decals will be mailed to you upon completion of the purchase. The total cost for an undergraduate permit is $82. Permits must be properly displayed prior to the beginning of the Drop/Add date of the current semester.    

• Failing to display a permit by the beginning of the Drop/Add deadline will result in a fine of $100.00 per occurrence, plus processing fees. Tickets can be paid online at Rydin/Permit Express website.  

• Parking in a handicap space results in a fine of $100.00, plus processing fees.  

• All other parking violations result in a fine of $30.00, plus processing fees, per occurrence.  

• Permits are valid through August 1st of each year. Permits must be displayed on the lower driver’s side windshield. Failure to display one’s permit properly is a $30.00 violation.  

• Physically handicapped students may obtain special parking consideration by submitting a request to the Campus Security Office which is located in Quad 3.   

• Except for the field across from the football stadium, parking on the grass anywhere on campus is a violation.  

• All resident student vehicles must be the property of the student, their spouse, or parents. Resident students may not drive to class and are required to park in their designated lot. 

• Registered drivers are responsible for any violations involving their vehicle. A security hold will be placed on accounts with unpaid tickets.  

• The university assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while on university property.   

• Vehicle maintenance is not allowed on campus at any time.

• Requests for a Temporary permit may be made to the Campus Security Office, located in Quad 3.  

Parking FAQs

All students, faculty, and staff who operate a vehicle on campus.

All purchases are now made through Rydin Permit Express online.

Parking Permits are $81.53 annually (includes permit and processing fee).

Once purchased online at Rydin Permit Express, you can print out a temporary parking pass for your dash, and your decal will be mailed to you at the address you provide. Residents should use their CSU mailing address, not their permanent home address: Your Full Name, Charleston Southern University, 9200 University Blvd., Charleston, SC 29406.

Apply your decal on the inside of your windshield, driver side, bottom.

In clearly designated legal parking spaces according to your decal type. No parking is allowed on the grass.

Resident students may not drive to class. 

Types of parking decals:

    • Resident Student
    • Commuter Student
    • FS: Faculty/Staff

Printable Parking Map

If you receive a ticket, go to the Rydin Permit Express Website.

    • Option 1 – View your citation/ticket
    • Option 2 – Within 15 days, pay the ticket online at Rydin Permit Express. Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt.
    • Option 3 – Within 15 days, file an appeal online to Rydin Permit Express. You will receive a date and time for your appeal to be heard by the House Council.

Any unpaid campus parking tickets will result in a security hold being placed on your student account which prevents you from viewing your grades, viewing your transcript, registering for classes, obtaining a copy of your official transcript, and graduating.

If you received a ticket after August 15, 2018, pay online at Rydin Permit Express. Following payment, the hold should be removed within a few days. If you need it removed immediately, you may email a copy of your receipt to and/or

If your hold is the result of a ticket issued prior to August 15, 2018, or you DO NOT see your ticket on the Rydin link to pay, contact one of the previous email addresses listed to resolve.

A Temporary Parking Permit can be issued by the Campus Security Department for vehicles that will be on campus for a short period of time. An example would be that your primary vehicle is in the shop for repairs and you are driving a loaner for a week.

If a student suffers an injury which temporarily makes it difficult to walk from their designated parking area to class, a Temporary Handicap Parking permit can be issued. A doctor’s note may be required.

Visitors are welcome to park in designated visitor spots located around campus. If there are not visitor spots available, visitors may park wherever they can find an open spot. Visitors receiving a parking ticket may disregard the ticket. There is no need to register with Campus Security upon entering our campus.

From time to time, it is necessary to utilize a wheel immobilizer to boot vehicles on campus to ensure compliance with the university’s registration and parking policy. If your vehicle is immobilized, you will be fined a $25 removal fee. Go to the Campus Security Office located in Quad 3. If you don’t have a current parking decal displayed, you must provide proof of purchase before the boot will be removed. Decals must be purchased through  Rydin Permit Express. Once you have met with Campus Security and purchased your decal, your vehicle will then be released; however a hold will remain on your account until all fines are paid. 

All faculty and staff members must register their vehicles with Rydin Permit Express. Decals must then be picked up in the Campus Security office located in Quad 3. Faculty/staff decals will not be mailed. There is no charge for the registration and decal. Faculty and staff members are required to follow the campus parking policy.