Your Future in Natural Science

The natural science major is an interdisciplinary major designed to give you a thorough overview of the natural sciences and mathematics.

You have the latitude of taking courses in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics and computer science.

Charleston Southern University’s accreditation can be found here.

Natural Science

Explore what the world of natural science has to offer as you learn scientific methods and put them to work in the classroom.

As a Natural Science major, you’ll take courses like…

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Abstract Algebra
  • General Physics
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Genetics

Graduates are equipped for a variety of career paths.

  • Biological Technicians
  • Environmental Economists
  • Environmental Restoration Planners
  • Geological Research
  • Service Management
  • Mathematical Research
  • Park Naturalists

Students in a lab injecting a chemical into a vile.

College of Science and Mathematics

Charleston Southern’s College of Science and Mathematics ensures through its curricula and course offerings that students in all majors demonstrate an understanding of the continuing role of science and mathematics in human progress. In addition, it provides majors in science and science related fields with the necessary skills for successful careers in their chosen major or for further study in graduate school or professional programs.

A view of the Science Building, take from a drone, at CSU.
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Science Building

The Science building allows all students access to up-to-date laboratories and modern equipment for teaching. There is also a greenhouse that is more than a campus adornment; the CSU greenhouse gives students unique opportunities that are not available at many colleges.