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Alum interviews Fox News’ Shannon Bream

By Jan Joslin | September 16, 2020
shannon bream FOX News
Shannon Bream hosts Fox News @ Night and has been with the network since 2007. Courtesy of Fox News

WCBD News 2 reporter Danielle Hensley recently interviewed Shannon Bream, Fox News at Night anchor and chief legal correspondent for Fox, about media coverage in presidential elections for the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership’s Biblical Worldview Institute.

Shannon Bream talks to CSU Zoom audience about media's role in elections
Fox News’ Shannon Bream talks to CSU Zoom audience about the media’s role in elections.

Bream said this year’s election coverage has been different because of COVID-19 procedures. Reporters would normally be on the road during an election and establish relationships with the candidates. Like so much else, most interviews are virtual.

“It’s not my duty to sway their [viewers] thinking,” said Bream about the role of journalists. “You have to keep your personal bias out of it. When I am criticized by both sides – I feel like I’m doing my job well.”

Bream said she uses social media but follows all kinds of people so she isn’t in an echo chamber. She reads a couple dozen newspapers, follows multiple websites and TV stations and fact checks everything.

CSU alum and WCBD reporter Danielle Hensley interviews Shannon Bream
WCBD reporter Danielle Hensley ’18 interviews Shannon Bream during a Zoom webinar on September 10, 2020.

Bream has made no secret that she is a Christian. She said she has learned to keep her faith the number one thing and to do a reset when she gets stressed. She has been impressed to find out that the solid believers on Capitol Hill hold bipartisan Bible studies where they can find common ground with other believers.

Her advice for believers in following media about the upcoming presidential election is to take notes and pay attention to what questions are asked and the answers that are given.

Hensley is a 2018 CSU alumnus and graduated with a major in communication studies. View the entire interview below or click here.

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