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Alumni: Corteze Morrall ’86

By CSU Media | February 19, 2021
Corteze Morrall ’86. Photo provided

Corteze Morrall is an Inventory Management Specialist ordering expendable medical supplies for the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Temple, Texas. He is retired from the U.S. Army as a Noncommissioned officer where he trained soldiers and was responsible for requesting and turning in of Class IX repair parts. 

His 20 years in the Army included a combat tour in Iraq from 2004-2005. 

Corteze and his wife both have bachelor’s degrees. Their son is currently working on a bachelor’s degree, and their daughter is in her second year of attaining a master’s degree. Fun fact: the Morralls were the featured family during Black History Month at the university both of their children attend. 

Values and skills you tried to instill in your team in Iraq 

Team work, discipline, motivation, character, and integrity. 

Proudest about defending your country 

Serving others. Fighting for equality and justice. 

Advice for others making a big career move 

Use what you have as skills. Just because you start somewhere you don’t have to finish there. Your resume should speak for you. Your resume should be 3-5 pages. 

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