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Alumni: Lisa Grant MS ’17

By CSU Media | March 12, 2021

Lisa Grant grew up in Awendaw and currently lives in Northern Virginia. She graduated with a Master of Science in supply chain management in 2017. Grant is a proud mother  to her teenage son, Courey. In addition, she is a Real Estate Agent and founder of See Wee Homes, LLC. 

Lisa Grant graduated from Charleston Southern University in 2017 with a Master of Science in supply chain management. Photo by Frozen Time Photography

To me art is our imagination rooted in reality. It’s taking our creative subconscious thoughts and giving them life, something concrete. Every year in elementary school we drew and cut out a heart shaped card, and my card always looked like an apple. I could never get that perfect shaped heart, and I kept telling myself I’m not good with art. But art is not perfection, and that’s the beauty of art. 

The need to create 
The scripture says God gives seeds to the sower. Our talents are purposely created to help those around us. And writing brings me clarity; I’m compelled to do it. I usually have my cell phone with me at all times, so I often record memos and keep notes on my phone. 

Favorite form of expression  
My favorite form of expression is writing. In 2015 my mom suffered a massive stroke, and I was suddenly inspired to start writing. I wrote freely; it was an opportunity to express myself and gain control of my emotions. 

Professional goal 
I’m expanding my real estate business while writing my second children’s book. Also, my goal is to be a TED speaker and host an episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters Family.” 

Role of art in life 
Art is a vital role in our daily lives; it’s joyful, analytical, fun, and improves our well-being. Art is everywhere. From the design of our bed covers, the music we listen to, style of clothing and classic movies like “The Wizard of Oz.” We’re introduced to art from the beginning as a baby – nursery rhymes, storytelling, singing the baby shark dance. Art will be here forever. 

Lisa Grant wrote her first children’s book, Maria Patia: Away We Go! Photo of book cover and award provided

Favorite piece 
My first children’s book, Maria Patia: Away We Go! As a real estate agent, one of my passions is using the arts to help children cope with the moving and relocating process. Many families, especially military families, face the possibility of moving, and this can be a traumatic experience for kids. I want to add value and make the process less stressful for families; I hope my collection of books can do just that. 

Best career advice 
The best way to advance your career is by having the courage and confidence to ask for things: ask for that promotion, ask for a raise, ask for that position you’ve been waiting on. Confidence is the difference between existing and excelling at work.  

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