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Alumni Q&A: Justin Ervin `11

By CSU Media | October 22, 2019

Justin Ervin is currently assigned as a defense counsel, representing soldiers accused of violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, everything ranging from murder trials to simple AWOL cases. He earned a juris doctorate and a master of business administration from Wake Forest University.

Q. What skills did you learn at CSU that have benefited you?

Honestly, I learned how to study efficiently and how to prepare myself for big milestones. I studied for the bar examination in the same way that I studied for my regular tests at CSU, albeit much more intently.

Q. What faculty members impacted you as an undergraduate? 

There were many. Dr. Arnold Hite, Dr. David Houghton and Professor Mark Crawford, in particular, were wonderful professors and mentors. They cared about their students, and they had a passion for teaching. Professor Crawford had a big impact on me professionally. I am now doing what he used to do before he was a professor.

Q. What is the biggest contributor to your success? 

My undergraduate degree is in economics. I learned a lot about thinking outside of the box, which is a helpful skill for anyone. I think economics also helps you to analyze data and evidence in a way that many aspiring lawyers might find beneficial. I think the biggest contributor to my success is the group of people with which I surrounded myself in college, law school and beyond.

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