Are you taking the cross for granted?

By CSU Media | April 12, 2019

“One of the things we humans have in common is our uncanny ability to take things for granted,” said President Dondi Costin at the chapel service April 10 dedicated to Passion Week.

As Christians, we say every Sunday is Easter. On Easter we reflect on the physical death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Costin used Isaiah 53 to recount what Jesus did for mankind.

“We have a tendency to forget,” said Costin. He sang an acapella version of “Were You There?” which asks were you there when they crucified my Lord, to illustrate his point.

He said, “The answer of course is yes, you were there. You say, preacher, I wasn’t even born yet, but your sins were there. Christ had already made the plan for your salvation before you were even born. You know the story; you’ve been in Sunday School. God himself became a man, equally God and equally man, led a sinless life and was sacrificed on the cross for your sins and mine.”

Costin said if you accept that fact and trust in Jesus Christ, you are adopted into the family of God as a son or daughter, on no merit of your own. “Not because you are good, but because God is good,” said Costin.

He emphasized we are all Judas and Peter and everyone else in the Bible who messed up. But the cross of Jesus brought about the good news of the gospel – for everyone.


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